How To Get The Gigi Minion in FFXIV

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The Gigi Minion is acquired as a reward for the Quest “If I Could Turn Back Time”. This is part of the optional Hildibrand Adventures Sidequests in the Heavensward Expansion.

Added in Patch 3.5, it’s acquired at Level 60 and is locked behind a lengthy chain. These Quests unlock number Trials, so they’re absolutely worth doing. Along with several other rewards like emotes, glamour, minions, and orchestrion rolls.

These Quests begin all the way back in A Realm Reborn, so it’s entirely possible you’ve missed out.

Before moving on, you’ll simply need to have completed the Level 50 Main Story Quest “The Ultimate Weapon”. Which you’ve probably done multiple times at this point.

Starting way back in Patch 2.1, the first Quest you’ll be looking for is “The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen”. Wymond (Ul’dah – The Steps of Thal, X:10 Y:9) is the NPC you’ll need to chat with.

He’ll send you off to meet with the Inspector’s plucky assistant, Nashu Mhakaracca. You’ll then find yourself engaged in combat with some dapper zombies before returning to Nashu.


The Cases of the Century

The one and only Hilidbrand Manderville, seemingly back from the dead / FFXIV
The one and only Hilidbrand Manderville, seemingly back from the dead.

This is followed by a long series of Quests, including battles with a familiar octopus prince and a time traveler.

Those Quests in order are:

1. Back in the Saddle – Short and easy, speak with Hildibrand (Southern Thanalan, X:21 Y:39) and head to Ul’dah.

2. After Her Own Heart – A bit of investigation. Wymond (Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:10 Y:9) has this one.

3. The Immaculate Deception – Ellie (Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:11) has a rather uncomfortable task for you.

4. The Science of Deduction – Ellie (Eastern Thanalan, X:11 Y:16) needs you to dig around in the desert for clues.

5. The Hammer – Hildibrand (Western Thanalan, X:20 Y:25) sends you in search of a rather violent Goldsmith.

6. Manderville Men – Hildibrand (Northern Thanalan, X:23 Y:24) has you return a now restored antique vase.

7. The Three Collectors – Hildibrand (Western Thanalan, X:13 Y:14) has some inquiries for you to perform. Once done, you’ll need to combat a familiar foe in the Trial “Battle on the Big Bridge”.

The Battle on the Big Bridge with Gilgamesh and his chicken companion Enkidu / Final Fantasy XIV
The Battle on the Big Bridge with Gilgamesh and his chicken companion Enkidu.

8. The Business of Betrothal – Ellie (Western Thanalan, X:13 Y:14) has you still in pursuit of the elusive Phantom Thief.

9. A Burst of Inspiration – Briardien (Eastern La Noscea, X:32 Y:33) has a bit more insight for your case in La Noscea.

10. Seeds of Rebellion – Tiny Trader (Western La Noscea, X:28 Y:28) needs some stolen goods recovered from some nefarious Mandragoras.

11. A Case of Indecency – Hildibrand (Eastern La Noscea, X:20 Y:22) is in need of some clever disguises for a banquet.

Ultros and Chupon in the Ul’dah Coliseum / Final Fantasy XIV
Ultros and Chupon in the Ul’dah Coliseum.

12. Eight-armed and Dangerous – Ellie (Eastern La Noscea, X32 Y:30) directs you to the Ul’dah Coliseum.

13. What Price Victory – Hildibrand (Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:11) is having trouble figuring out Ultros’s behavior.

14. The Trouble with Truffles – Hildibrand, in the same spot, has you dig through some trash.

15. The Coliseum Conundrum – Briardien (Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:14 Y:10) needs you to confront Ultros in the Coliseum, and you’ll do so in the Trial “Dragon’s Neck”.

16. Shades of Sil’dih – Ellie (Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:10, Y:11) has some shocking new revelations regarding the Phantom Thief.

17. Sibling Strife – Hildibrand (Western thanalan, X:29 Y:25) needs help investigating the theft at the Thaumaturges’ Guild.

18. Beneath the Mask – Hildibrand (Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:12) returns to the scene of the crimes to gather yet more evidence.

19. Truths Untold – a mysterious Hyuran woman appears to offer insight into her sister, the Phantom Thief!

20. Her Last Vow – Julyan will offer the final Quest of the Hildibrand Adventures in A Realm Reborn. You’ll be rewarded with a new Minion, an emote, and Glamour. And one final Trial against Gilgamesh, “Battle in the Big Keep”.

Hildibrand up to familiar shenanigans in Foundation with Gigi / Final Fantasy XIV
Hildibrand up to familiar shenanigans in Foundation with Gigi.

You’re now all set to accept the Heavensward series of Hildibrand Quests, beginning with “A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies”. Nashu (Foundation – The Pillars, X:6 Y:10) has this Quest.

This series is much shorter, and doesn’t have you battling with any mysterious villains. Just a bunch of the elderly.

In order the Quests are:

1. Don’t Call it a Comeback – Cyr (Coerthas Western Highlands, X:18 Y:11) has discovered what appears to be a zombie.

2. The Gigi Situation – Cyr (Foundation, X:10 Y:11) is utterly confused by the situation he finds himself in.

3. The Measure of a Mammet – Hildibrand (Foundation – The Pillars, X:6 Y:10) has some inspiring words for the despondent Gigi.

4. A Gazebo to Call Our Own – Cyr (Foundation, X:10 Y:11) finds himself going mad attempting to understand the situation.

5. Don’t Trust Anyone Over Sixty – Hildibrand (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:7) needs your aid in “persuading” some elderly folks.

6. The Proud and the Pointy-eyed – Cyr sends you in search of Nashu and the Grand Sers, who’ve kidnapped Gigi.

7. If I Could Turn Back Time – This is the final Quest, and it will reward you with the Gigi Minion!

The Yojimbo Chocobo Barding allows your Companion to blend right into Yanxia / Final Fantasy XIV
The Yojimbo Chocobo Barding allows your Companion to blend right into Yanxia.

So you’ve finally completed that long series of Quests and gotten your Minion!

Great news, further Hildy Adventures await you in Stormblood with even more Trials and Rewards. While he took a hiatus in Shadowbringers, he’ll be back with more Quests in the Endwalker Expansion as well.

Keep on knocking out those Blue Quests, you never know what you might find.

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