FFXIV: How Do I Get The Gobwalker Mount?

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The Gobwalker mount is acquired as a drop from Alexander Gordias – The Burden of the Father (Savage). Take note that this is the Savage variant of the 8-person Raid, but can still be queued for through the Duty Finder.

The mount is a guaranteed drop upon completion of the fight, along with random pieces of gear. You simply have to win the loot roll against your fellow Warriors of Light and the mount is yours.

Only one Gobwalker Gear drops per clear, so multiple completions will likely be required.

Luckily, this fight can be unsynced with roughly four people who know what they’re doing. Post a Farm into the Party Finder and it should fill up in no time.


Unlocking The Alexander Gordias Raid

Alexander Gordias Raid in Dravanian Hinterlands (FFXIV)
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Taking a stroll through The Dravanian Hinterlands, it’s likely you took note of this menacing iron giant.

This is your destination for the Raid which holds your Mount.

Alexander: Gordias is the first Raid tier of the Heavensward expansion.

Before starting, you’ll first need to be level 60 and have completed up through the Main Scenario Quest “Heavensward”.

Your next destination is the Goblin NPC named Slowfix (Idyllshire – X: 7.5 Y: 6.5).

This will start the Quest “Disarmed” leading you back to the Hinterlands. A few short fetches later and you will have unlocked Alexander: Gordias – The Fist of The Father.

Queue for your Duties as you get them, knocking out the Quests in-between and you’ll open up the final floor of the tier.

These are the normal versions, and there is one final step to open up the Savage option you’re seeking.

Alexander: Gordias (Savage) in FFXIV
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After completing “A Song of Steam and Steel”, find your way to Mor Dhona and seek out the Wandering Minstrel (Mor Dhona – X: 21.7 Y: 8.7).

A quick conversation later and you’ll have unlocked the Savage tier of Gordias.

The good news is it doesn’t require completion of the previous floors, so you’re free to jump straight into The Burden of the Father. Bring friends.


Spoils Of War (Or Magic)

Sabina Idyllshire Location / FFXIV Screenshot
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While mercilessly farming for your Gobwalker, you’ll also accumulate Gordian Manifesto – Page 4.

Every Savage floor drops a respective page – and it’s likely you’re wondering what they do.

Should you not get a Glamour piece that catches your eye during your time in the Raid, fear not. Just take a trip to Idyllshire and have a chat with Sabina at Rowena’s Center for Cultural Promotion (Idyllshire – X:5.7 Y:5.3).

She’ll gladly take those Pages off your hands for various pieces of gear, as shown in the table below.

Happy hunting!

Trade Reward
Gordian Manifesto – Page 1 (Fist) x4 Earring, Bracelet, Necklace, Ring
Gordian Manifesto – Page 2 (Cuff) x6 Hands, Feet, Waist
Gordian Manifesto – Page 3 (Arm) x6 Legs, Head Piece
Gordian Manifesto – Page 4 (Burden) x8 Weapon, Chest Piece
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