How To Get The Heavy Hatchling Minion (FFXIV)

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The Heavy Hatchling Minion can be purchased for 20,000 MGP from the Manderville Gold Saucer. More specifically, it can be purchased from either of these two Vendors:

  • Gold Saucer Attendant (The Gold Saucer – Entrance Square, X:5 Y:7)
  • Minion Trader (The Gold Saucer – Minion Square, X:8 Y:7)

Either will hand over the minion if you have enough MGP. Though the Minion Trader doesn’t have quite as many lists to navigate so it may be simpler.


Getting Started

To access the Manderville Gold Saucer you’ll need to complete a very short Quest.

The Well-Heeled Youth (Ul’dah – The steps of Nald, X10 Y:9) offers the Quest “It Could Happen to You” at Level 15. The Saucer is accessible early in your adventures, as soon as you can ride an Airship.

The Gold Saucer often changes its Event Schedule, putting some on the shelf while others become daily.

It’s always a good plan to check out the Gold Saucer every patch or so. Just to see what new prizes or attractions may have been added.

The Manderville Minion Vendor, in the Lords of Verminion Arena. / FFXIV
The Manderville Minion Vendor, in the Lords of Verminion Arena.

The Manderville Gold Saucer offers a myriad of ways to earn the MGP you’ll need.

Here’s a list of every Attraction the Saucer offers that can easily net you the scratch:

  • Triple Triad
  • Lords of Verminion
  • Chocobo Racing
  • Cactpot and Mini Cactpot
  • Doman Mahjong
  • The Fashion Report
  • Mini-games such as Cuff-a-cur, Out on a Limb, or The Finer Miner
  • GATEs (Gold Saucer Active Time Events)
    • Cliffhanger
    • Air Force One
    • Leap of Faith
    • Any Way the Wind Blows
    • The Slice is Right

These all reward varying amounts of MGP, some small and some huge.

This is in addition to a Weekly reward for completing your Challenge Log. If you complete every Challenge Entry, you’ll actually walk away with roughly 95,000 MGP.

That’s almost five Heavy Hatchlings!

Another note is that your Free Company could even run Actions like Jackpot II, increasing your winnings even further. That’s especially effective considering it stacks with special Events like the Make It Rain Campaign.


What Happens In The Saucer Goes Outside The Saucer

The commemorative Sabotender Emperador Mount. / FFXIV
The commemorative Sabotender Emperador Mount.

Once you’ve acquired your portly pal, don’t let that stop you from seeing all The Saucer has to offer.

There’s a huge array of prizes to be won.

Some I daresay may entice you more than the Heavy Hatchling Minion. Here’s a list of the Prizes you can cash out for:



Item Cost (MGP)
Typhon 750,000
Sabotender Emperador 2,000,000
Fenrir 1,000,000
Adamantoise 200,000
Archon Throne 750,000
Korpokkur Colossus 750,000


Item Cost (MGP)
Modern Aesthetics – Adventure 14
Modern Aesthetics – Rainmaker 5,000
Modern Aesthetics – Ponytails 8,000
Modern Aesthetics – Curls 9,600
Modern aesthetics – Lexen-tails 50,000
Modern Aesthetics – Great Lengths 30,000


Item Cost (MGP)
Unlucky Rabbit 30,000
Black Coeurl 20,000
Zu Hatchling 10,000
Heavy Hatchling 20,000
Water Imp 10,000
Wind-up Nero tol Scaeva 30,000
Piggy 30,000
Humiliate your enemies with Sabotender-themed weaponry. / FFXIV
Humiliate your enemies with Sabotender-themed weaponry.

Orchestrion Rolls

Item Cost (MGP)
A Cold Wind 5,000
Four-sided Circle 10,000
Sport of Kings 15,000
Agent of Inquiry 30,000
Torn from the Heavens 50,000
Battle to the Death – Heavenward 20,000
Battle Theme 1.x 20,000
Tempest 30,000
Spiral 30,000
Triumph 50,000
Revenge Twofold 50,000
Rise of Heroes (Chiptune Version) 50,000
Game Theory 30,000
Vamo’ alla Flamenco 50,000
A Fine Death 50,000

These are all in addition to various Glamours. You’re sure to find something that will fit your taste, well after you’re the proud owner of the Heavy Hatchling.

There are always Prizes to be won and fun to be had in the Manderville Gold Saucer!

The portly Parade Chocobo Mount being led around Bardam’s Mettle. / FFXIV
The portly Parade Chocobo Mount being led around Bardam’s Mettle.

Should you have a desire for more chubby and bird-like things, great news:

There are three different Fat Chocobo Mounts that can scratch your itch:

  • Fat Chocobo – The original Fat Chocobo Mount is available as a bonus along with the A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition. It even comes with its own special music when you ride it – “Big Boned”.
  • Fat Black Chocobo – This Mount was part of a promotion along with Amazon back in 2019. It was made available a second time in 2021, through a special Twitch subscription promotion. So while you can’t get it right now, keep your eyes peeled for future promotions to bag yourself a Fat Black Chocobo.
  • Parade Chocobo – Pictured above, this is one you can actually get in the game currently though it’s no small feat. The Achievement “Leaving a Better Impression II” is awarded for amassing 3,000 total Player Commendations. These can take quite a while to accumulate – even if you play as a Tank or Healer constantly.

All in all, it’s always good to have options.

And if you love big fat birds you’ve certainly got some.

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