How To Get The Ixion Mount in FFXIV

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The iconic Ixion Mount in FFXIV is acquired by trading twelve Ixion Horns to the vendor Eschina, located in Rhalgr’s Reach. Ixion Horns are a reward for completing the FATE “A Horse Outside” in The Lochs.

You earn 3 and 6 Horns respectively for achieving Silver or Gold in the FATE, meaning multiple completions are required.

Neither tier is especially difficult to reach, so don’t sweat it if you’re exploded by invisible thunderbolts.

Upon completion of the FATE, the Ixion Horns are placed directly into your inventory, so make sure you have some space available just in case.


Do I Need Anything To Complete The FATE?

Ixion Mount with Barrier Protection in FFXIV
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Great question! Yes you do. As pictured above, Ixion is protected by a Barrier rendering it impervious to all attacks.

The Barrier can only be broken by using the “Stygian Ash” item, acquired from level 70 Treasure Maps.

Both Gaganaskin and Gazelleskin Treasure Maps drop the item frequently.

The aforementioned Maps can be excavated from any level 65 or 70 Gathering Node.

If Gathering isn’t your jam, you can usually acquire a pinch of Stygian Ash from the Player Market Board for cheap.

However, prices can fluctuate and availability isn’t guaranteed so Maps are generally your best bet.

With your freshly acquired Stygian Ash, you’re now prepared to beat that horse until it’s dead.

The only other thing you’ll want in preparation for this FATE is a dozen or so friends to help. A quick /shout should handle that for you, though.


How Often Does The FATE Occur?

The timer for this FATE is actually unique, as it’s considered a World Boss.

This generally means that the battle only has a chance of happening every 36 to 72 hours. Timing can vary depending on when the FATE was previously completed.

Secondly, the weather condition “Quicklevin” in the Gyr Abanian Lochs is required.

This Weather can actually occur during any other, as it overrides whichever is current.

If you took a peek at the picture above, you’ll notice the entire zone’s sky is purple and filled with thunder. Unfortunately, the Skywatcher in Rhalgr’s Reach is of no assistance here, you’ll need to visually check The Lochs for this Weather.

Faux Hollows Sign & Location Screenshot / FFXIV
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Any Other Methods To Acquire Ixion?

No worries if you miss the FATE if it doesn’t adhere to your schedule.

The Ixion Clarion can also be acquired as a reward from the weekly Faux Hollows.

Faux Hollows is a panel matching game, accessed by completing an Unreal Trial and speaking with the peculiar fox in Idyllshire.

The Faux Commander will sell you the Ixion Mount for 400 Faux Leaves.

Unreal Trials can vary from Patch to Patch, but are generally just re-tuned Extreme Trials from previous iterations of the game.

Currently Leviathan, The Whorleater (Unreal), is standing in the way of your Mount.

The good news is you get to do the fight at level 80 instead of 50, and strategies have been available for ages.

You may earn a maximum of 200 Faux Leaves per week, if you’re lucky, but it’s a guaranteed method of acquiring Ixion if you keep missing the FATE.

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