How To Get The Juedi Mount in FFXIV

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The Juedi Mount is a reward for the hidden Achievement “Dressed For Heaven”. This is obtained by speaking with Cast-off Confederate (The Ruby Sea – Crick, X:22 Y:10) while wearing all four Empyrean accessories.

The Empyrean accessories themselves are obtained from the Confederate Custodian (The Ruby Sea – Crick, X:21 Y:9) for one Empyrean Reliquary each.

Those tokens are only obtained by completing Floor 100 of Heaven-on-High. This, of course, means you’ll need to conquer the imposing tower a total of four times – or five if you want the special outdoor furnishing, which also requires a Reliquary.

This is a bit of a time investment.

Each trip to the top Floor requires several hours and a lot of planning.

The danger here is that Heaven-on-High is a Deep Dungeon. This means it doesn’t function like normal content.

The largest difference here is that if your Party dies, you lose all your progress.

Preparing beforehand with a little knowledge and a solid Party helps.

When in doubt, throw up a Party Finder to recruit some like-minded Adventurers.


Building The Stairway To Heaven-on-High

Heaven-on-High reaches endlessly into the skies in Ruby Sea / FFXIV
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Your first step is to actually unlock Heaven-on-High, which requires a bit of work.

To get started you’ll need to finish the first Deep Dungeon, The Palace of the Dead, up to Floor 50.

Palace of the Dead is available quite early on, after completing the Main Scenario Quest “Into a Copper Hell”. Then you can grab “The House That Death Built” from Nojiro Marujiro (New Gridania – Carline Canopy, X:12 Y:13) and complete the entire chain.

After that, head to the Woodwailer Expeditionary Captain (South Shroud – Quarrymill, X:25 Y:21) and delve into the Palace of the Dead.

Upon defeating Edda and resolving her tragic tale, you’ll be off to The Ruby Sea.

Once you’ve completed the Main Scenario Quest “Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out” in Stormblood the final step is available. Speak to Hamakaze (The Ruby Sea – Isari, X:6 Y:12) to accept “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”.

Your first trip into Heaven-on-High will be to finish up to Floor 30.

Afterwards, you can pick up the Quest “On The Shoulders Of Giants” from Kyusei (The Ruby Sea – Rasen Kaikyo – Crick, X:21 Y:9).

This Quest unlocks Floors 31-100 of Heaven-on-High, which you’ll become painfully familiar with soon.


Conquering Heaven-on-High

The beastly Hiruko awaits you on the 30th floor / FFXIV
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Before rushing headfirst into the upper Floors, it helps to have a few things.

Namely a high Aetherpool Level and a basic understanding of Pomanders.

A 99/99 Aetherpool will make things significantly more survivable.

Aetherpool, basically, functions as a separate item level inside HoH. You’ll gain Levels as you open Blue Coffers, which are found randomly or dropped by enemies.

When climbing the Tower, efficient use of Pomanders will make your ascent much smoother. Ideally you want to save as many for the final 10 Floors as possible.

There are 16 types of Pomanders available, and we’ll go over the major ones:

  • Safety: Removes all Traps from the current Floor, including false Exits from large Rooms.
  • Flight: Decreases the amount of enemies on the next Floor. This also reduces the number required to be defeated to open up the Exit.
  • Witching: Turns all enemies in the vicinity into one of three things: An Imp (60% dmg), a Chicken (30% dmg) or a Frog (100% dmg) reducing their damage by certain amounts. Huge for the later Floors with strong enemies.
  • Raising: Provides an automatic Raise for the first Party Member to die. Great for second Chances, try to always keep the effect up.
  • Frailty: Increases damage taken and damage dealt by 30%. Useful for the Bosses you encounter every 10 Floors.
  • Petrifaction: Turns all enemies to stone for 30 seconds. Petrified enemies die in one hit, making it an easy way to open the Floor’s exit.
  • Magicite: While there are four different types of Magicite, all do the same thing. They clear all enemies on your current Floor. Note you can only hold 3 of these at a time.

Functionally, if you have 3 Magicite and 3 Petrifaction heading into Floors 91-100, you’re very likely to clear.

But accidents can happen, like a stray Trap. Keeping stock of your Pomanders can help keep that from being a catastrophe.

You’ll have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with triumph and heartbreak. But best of luck in your Quest for the legendary Juedi!

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