How To Get The Littlefoot Minion (FFXIV)

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The Littlefoot Minion in FFXIV can be acquired in one of two ways:

  1. Rarely from Retainer Ventures
  2. Material Coffer 3.0

Added in Patch 2.4, the primary method of getting your hands on the Littlefoot is the Botanist Venture “Woodland Exploration XV”. This is a Level 50 Venture, meaning you’ll need to have your Disciple of the Land there at minimum.

The Venture itself requires a mere 292 Gathering, but takes 18 hours to complete. If your Retainer fails to bring back the Minion, you’ll simply have to send them back out. It can take a while since the Minion is rare.

The possible rewards for Woodland Exploration XV are:

  • 421,000 Experience Points
  • Allagan Silver Pieces
  • Apricot
  • Dzemael Tomato
  • La Noscean Leek
  • Petrified Log
  • Shroud Tea Leaves
  • Floss Silk
  • Littlefoot Minion
Preparing to send a Retainer into the Coerthan wilds / FFXIV
Preparing to send a Retainer into the Coerthan wilds

Most of these aren’t very useful, but the Floss Silk is a rare material used in a couple different special crafts.

It’s a good thing to have if you own a house or apartment, since it’s used for furnishings like the Kotatsu Table, Stuffed Goblin, and Stuffed Bear.

Being well-rested is important for any Warrior of Light / Final Fantasy XIV
Being well-rested is important for any Warrior of Light.

The Floss Silk is also used in the Crescent Moon glamour set. This is good to know, because it’s rare and sells for hundreds of thousands of Gil. Players clearly take their in-game sleepwear seriously.

Knowing that, you may even consider sending your Retainer out on this particular Venture more often.

Even well after you’ve gotten your Littlefoot Minion!

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