How To Get The Magitek Armor Mount in FFXIV

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The Garlean-made Magitek Armor Mount is acquired from completing the Quest “The Ultimate Weapon”. This Level 50 Quest is part of the Main Story.

It will have you dismantling the Garlean occupation of Northern Thanalan, even using your future Mount.

“The Ultimate Weapon” Quest consists of a single Duty, The Praetorium.

While not challenging, it is a roughly 45-minute dungeon with multiple cutscenes between bosses.

Try not to get lost in the massive structure & just follow your Tank.

One special note for this particular Quest is that it also rewards you with a vial of Fantasia. Fantasia can only normally be acquired from the Mog Station, so make sure not to misplace or waste it!



Unleashing the Magitek Cannon on an unsuspecting Ahriman outside of Camp Bluefog / FFXIV
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Upon receiving your Magitek Armor, another Quest actually opens up.

This allows you to unlock two special actions for your Mount: Magitek Cannon and Photon Stream.

The Quest “Magiteknical Difficulties” is received from Slafborn (Mor Dhona – The Seventh Heaven, X:22, Y:8).

After receiving your relatively urgent message, you’ll head over to Jessie inside the Garlond Ironworks. This is right outside of the bar to the north.

Jessie will need you to acquire three parts to repair your Magitek Armor:

  • Magitek Converter #49 (Mor Dhona – Castrum Centri, X:8 Y:14)
  • Magitek Oscillator #50 (Mor Dhona – Castrum Centri, X:12 Y:16)
  • Magitek Cannon Barrel #51 (Mor Dhona – Castrum Centri, X:10 Y:15)

Once you’ve gathered all 3 of these parts, head back to Slafborn. He’ll let you back into the Ironworks, where Jessie will fix up your Mount.

Now go forth and annoy your friends with frequent laser blasts.



The Gilded Magitek Armor taking flight in Wineport / FFXIV
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There are actually several variants of the Magitek Armor available.

Here’s a list of the Models:

The Gilded Magitek Armor is by far the most common, and is acquired from the Achievement “Everybody’s Darling.” This Achievement is from receiving 500 Player Commendations from your fellow Warriors of Light.

The Red Baron Magitek Armor made famous by Nero tol Scaeva is purchased from the Mog Station. Unfortunately there is no other way to acquire it, though it does frequently go on sale.

The White Devil Magitek Armor piloted by Livia sas Junius of Garlemald is also purchased from the Mog Station. It is not obtainable through in-game means, but you do get to destroy it in Main Story Roulette frequently.

All of the above Mounts also receive the Magitek Cannon and Photon Stream Actions if you’ve completed the Quest.

Enjoy your new arsenal!

White Devil Magitek Armor prowling The Peaks of Gyr Abania / FFXIV
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