How Do You Get The Mameshiba Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Mameshiba Minion is primarily obtained as a possible reward from the Highland Exploration XXII Venture. This is a Retainer Venture limited to the Miner Disciple of the Land.

That means you’ll need to strap on your spelunking gear and Level your Miner to at least 70. Retainers share their maximum Level Cap with you, so you’ll need to grind a little to get the most out of them.

The Highland Exploration XXII Venture also requires a minimum Gathering Rating of 805.

That’s easily doable, since you can simply use Gear from Vendors to hit it.

The Venture takes 18 hours to complete, and will cost you two Venture Tokens, available from your Grand Company.

Explaining the importance of not bringing back fish from Ventures to a Retainer / FFXIV
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The Highland Exploration XXII is actually one of the more lucrative Ventures you can assign.

It offers a variety of rewards, including other exclusive Minions!

The full list of rewards possible are:

  • 1,169,200 Experience Points
  • 7 – 8x Allagan Silver Piece
  • 5x Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal
  • Raw Triphane
  • Raw Imperial Jade
  • Odder Otter Minion
  • Koala Joey Minion
  • Mameshiba Minion

Really all you’ll need to do is be persistent with sending out your Retainer. Eventually they’ll return with your prized pup.


Other Ways To Get This Minion

A Skirmish breaks out in the desolate and war-torn Bozjan Front of Dalmasca / FFXIV
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The Mameshiba Minion is also obtainable a few other ways, though none are as direct:

  • Material Container 4.0 – Available from your Grand Company for 20,000 Seals. These Containers have a chance to hold any Minion or Mount from the Stormblood Expansion. Mameshiba included, hope sold separately.
  • Southern Front Lockbox – Rewards for completing Skirmishes inside the Bozjan Southern Front Zone of Shadowbringers. Lockboxes can be opened at any Resistance Locksmith and contain several different Minions.
  • Zadnor Lockbox – The secondary Zone in Dalmasca also offers Lockboxes. These can contain a myriad of Minions, including the Mameshiba and older Primal Weaponry.

So you’ve got a lot of options.

You could even grind for Lockboxes while waiting on your Retainer! Just a suggestion.

Patience is key, but stick with it and you’ll eventually be the proud owner of your very own Mameshiba.

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