How Do You Get The Markab Mount? (FFXIV)

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The Markab Mount in FFXIV is a rare drop from “The Striking Tree (Extreme)” Trial. This is an optional Level 50 Trial introduced in Patch 2.3 of A Realm Reborn.

This Trial would be the second time you’ll face Ramuh, since you encountered Hard Mode in the Story.

So before you begin your farm for your thunderous pony, make sure you’re queued up for Extreme.

The Trial itself presents little challenge at this point.

It can be easily done alone, or with a handful of Players.

One particular strategy you can try utilizes the Blue Mage to skip the Add phase entirely.

Nothing beats a 15 second fight for a shiny horse.

If you’re curious, the strategy requires the following Blue Mage Spells:

  • Basic Instinct (Couerl – Upper La Noscea – Fool Falls, X:9 Y:21)
  • Whistle (Dhalmel – The Sea of Clouds – Last Step, X:19 Y:31)
  • Moon Flute (Wayward Gaheel Ja – Ul’dah – The Steps of Thal, X:13 Y:13, after beating 10 Stages in Masked Carnivale)
  • Final Sting (Killer Wespe – Middle La Noscea – Three-malm Bend, X:16 Y:13)

With these four Spells, you can reliably one-shot any Primal in A Realm Reborn – provided you’re Level 70 and running it unsynced.

Still, it’s a great trick for fast farming.

The other benefit is that as the Blue Mage Level cap rises, the more things you’ll be able to sting to death.

This strategy also works in Groups for the stronger Primals. Which is why Blue Mage is a Limited Job.

If you have no interest in Blue Mage, then you can also just check Party Finder.

Newer Players are certainly looking to help you get your Markab as well as theirs!


Unlocking The Extreme Trial

Ramuh awaits at The Striking Tree / Final Fantasy XIV
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You walloped Ramuh once before to prove you had the strength to repel Garlean invaders from Eorzea.

If you never took time to snap up the extra sidequests in ARR, then here’s how to unlock the Extreme Trial.

It’s a relatively quick process:

First you’ll need to have completed the Level 50 Main Story Quest “Brave New Companions”. That likely isn’t a problem.

Next you’ll seek out Scarlet (New Gridania – The Adders’ Nest, X:10 Y:11) to pick up the Quest “Judgement Bolts and Lightning”.

She’ll tell you some of the tempered Sylphs have once again conjured Ramuh.

Unfortunately, driven by fear and anger, he’s zapping everything in sight.

After heading to Little Solace in the East Shroud, you’ll need to head deep into the Sylphlands and re-attune with Ramuh’s Aetheryte.

The Aetheric catalyst which the tempered Sylphs used to call Ramuh / FFXIV
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Pictured above: The Aetheric catalyst which the tempered Sylphs used to call Ramuh

Once you’ve gotten reacquainted with Ramuh’s crystal, you’re all set to begin your farm.


Ramuh Drops

Along with the Markab Whistle, Ramuh drops a whole host of other treasures worth noting:

  • Ramuh Card
  • Thunder Weaponry
  • Judgement Accessories
  • Levin Orb
  • Large Levin Orb
  • Markab Whistle
  • Faded Copy of Thunder Rolls Orchestrion

The weapons and accessories are quite outdated now.

But they can be desynthesized for more Levin Orbs.

The forged Thunderclap wielded by a Dark Knight / FFXIV
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Large Levin Orbs in particular are used to make fancier versions of the Thunder weaponry that Ramuh drops – in addition to a couple nifty electric furnishings for your house or apartment.

But just keep at it, and you’ll be galloping across the skies of Eorzea on Markab in no time.

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