How To Get The Micro Gigantender Minion (FFXIV)

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The Microgigantender Minion can be purchased for 400 Bicolor Gemstones in Amh Araeng. Bicolor Gemstones were introduced in Patch 5.0 of the Shadowbringers Expansion.

Any time you complete a FATE (Full Active Time Event) in a Shadowbringers or Endwalker Zone, you’ll be rewarded with a varying amount of Bicolor Gemstones.

The amount you receive is based on the Rank you achieve upon completing the FATE:

  • Gold will reward you with 12 14 Bicolor Gemstones
  • Silver will reward you with 7 Bicolor Gemstones
  • Bronze will reward you with 1 Bicolor Gemstone
Completing FATEs in Amh Araeng, a great way to complete your weekly Challenge Log / FFXIV
Completing FATEs in Amh Araeng, a great way to complete your weekly Challenge Log.

There are also special FATEs, like “A Finale Most Formidable” (Kholusia, X:34 Y:21) or “Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa”.

These special world FATEs reward a whopping 72 and 86 Bicolor Gemstones each, so they’re certainly worth doing should you see them pop up.

They’ll at the very least make acquiring your Micro Gigantender Minion that much easier! They also offer special rewards, such as exclusive Minions or Mounts.

The caveat to getting this Minion, however, is that it won’t be offered for sale right away.


This is due to the Shared FATE System, also implemented in 5.0 along with the Bicolor Gemstone Vendors.

Each zone (six in both Shadowbrings and Endwalker) has individual Shared FATE Ranks. There are three Ranks:

  • Rank 1 is achieved by completing a single FATE.
  • Rank 2 is achieved by completing 6 FATEs.
  • Rank 3 is achieved by completing 60 FATEs.

At each Rank, the Vendors inventory will expand.

All Gemstone Vendors in each Zone do have a shared base inventory. This contains things like Glamour Prisms or Rank VII & VIII Combat Materia.

The Gemstone Vendor in Twine / FFXIV
The Gemstone Vendor in Twine.
Item Rank Cost (Bicolor Gemstones)
Ovim Meat 1 1
Ovim Fleece 1 2
Zonure Skin 1 2
Amh Araeng Riding Map 2 70
Sands of Blood Orchestrion 2 350
Micro Gigantender Minion 3 400
Sands of Amber Orchestrion 3 350

So gather some fellow Warriors of Light and get to grinding.

It’ll take you a couple of hours to unlock Rank 3, but it’s well worth it.

Once you’ve actually finished up every Zone, even more exclusive rewards become available in the major Expansion Cities. Things like special Chocobo Bardings, Minions, Orchestrion Rolls, and special mounts.

Best of luck in your grind! Keep at it and you’ll have your pint-sized cactus pal in no time.

Micro Gigantender Minion with Cactuar / FFXIV
The Micro Gigantender and its much larger namesake
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