How To Get The Midgardsormr Mount in FFXIV

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The iconic Midgardsorms Mount in FFXIV is obtained from completing the Level 59 Main Story Quest “Fetters of Lament”. This Quest is available in the Heavensward Expansion, and is unmissable.

As you progress through Heavensward, you’ll find yourself in the ancient Allagan lands of Azys Lla. Pursuing Archbishop Thordan VII, now possessing Nidhogg’s eyes, seeks to ascend to godhood.

Being the Primal-slaying Warrior of Light that you are, it’s imperative you stop him.

Unfortunately the unstable aetherial currents of the Allagan capital are too difficult to traverse.

You find the conduit leading to the Flagship and Aetherochemical Research Facility long-since destroyed. This leaves you with one option at the behest of Midgardsormr.

The imprisoned Dusk Wyrm Tiamat, long imprisoned in the Delta Quadrant of Azys Lla / FFXIV
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He bids you seek out his children, and fortunately for you the Allagans happened to have one. Having been imprisoned by the Ascians and Allag since the Third Astral Era, she awaits in her prison.

Tiamat was solely responsible for the summoning of the Primal Bahamut. This of course being the Bahamut that caused the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

As such, she’s made no effort to escape her prison even with the Allagans long since extinct.

She tells you of the Ascian plot and her penance, forever regretting her role in the Calamity. Afterwards, your Fire Crystal finally regains its Light.

With that you can once again hear Hydaelyn’s voice, and have finally proven your strength to Midgardsormr. It is here you’ll be rewarded with the Midgardsormr Mount.

The great Allagan Flagship, forever moored in Azys Lla / FFXIV
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With your new dragon companion, he’ll carry you into the Allagaan Flagship.

There you’ll confront God-King Thordan in the Aetherochemical Research Facility to end Heavensward.

Then it’s onwards to the Dragonsong War.

Happy adventures!

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