How Do You Get The Minion of Light? (FFXIV)

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The Minion of Light can be obtained with two Achievement Certificates from the Vendor in Old Gridania. Added back in Patch 2.1 of A Realm Reborn, the Minion of Light was actually part of the old Veteran Rewards program.

It was rewarded after you had subscribed for 180 total days of game time, along with the Black Mage Chocobo Barding.

The snazzy Black Mage Chocobo Barding / FFXIV
The snazzy Black Mage Chocobo Barding. Scenic view not included.

This all changed in Patch 4.1 of the Stormblood Expansion, when the Achievement System was reworked.

Now for every 50 Achievement Points you’ll be awarded with one Achievement Certificate.

It’s actually pretty easy to get the two you’ll need for the Minion of Light.

You’ll earn points by doing just about anything – leveling, completing quests, defeating enemies, crafting, or even mini-games like Triple Triad!

If you haven’t ever had a need to get them (or have no idea how), there’s an NPC Jonathas (Old Gridania, X:11 Y:6) who will offer both the rewards and certificates. So no need to go all over, since those Teleportation Fees can be steep nowadays. Blame the Lalafells.

Resident Achievement Vendor of Old Gridania, Jonathas - Master of the Rolls / FFXIV
Resident Achievement Vendor of Old Gridania, Jonathas – Master of the Rolls.

Jonathas has been around for quite some time, even before the current version of the game. That’s right – he had his spot in the ill-fated 1.0 version of FFXIV as well!

Prior to Patch 5.5 in Shadowbringers, you also needed to visit him to claim any Achievement Rewards like the Fledgeling Apkallu Minion.

Nowadays we have it good, and can just claim the reward directly from the Achievement Menu.

He’ll immediately count your points and give you the corresponding certificates each time you chat with him.

From there, you’ll just need to open up his shop and purchase what you want. For you that’s the Minion of Light.

This fantastic Magitek Death Claw could be yours for 6 Certificates / FFXIV
This fantastic Magitek Death Claw could be yours for 6 Certificates

It’s also worth noting that he gets new items from time to time, so stopping by every major Patch is a good plan. He sometimes even gets fancy mounts, such as the Magitek Death Claw pictured above.

Bet those side quests seem pretty worth it now, huh?

However you decide to spend your hard-earned Achievement Certificates, don’t worry too much about splurging. Everything is relatively cheap and you’ll have a pile of them before you know it.

Happy Achievement hunting!

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