How Do You Get The Nagxian Cat Minion? (FFXIV)

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You can get the Nagxian Cat Minion by trading 800 Sack of Nuts with one of two Vendors:

  • J’akshai (Old Sharlayan – Scholar’s Harbor, X:12 Y:13)
  • Wilmetta (Raz-at-Han – Mehryde’s Meyhane, X:10 Y:7)

Nuts are a reward for Hunts in both the Shadowbringers and Endwalker Expansions. This includes Daily, B, A, S and SS Ranks.

B Rank Elite Hunt rewards are available once per week. A, S and SS are available every time they spawn in the open world roughly every 24-72 hours.

The amount of Nuts you get breaks down like so:

Rank Reward (Total)
Daily Hunts (Junior, Associate, Senior) 3,301,100 Exp., 17,500 Gil, 110 Nuts
Elite Hunts (Weekly B Rank) 5,000 Gil, 100 Nuts
A Rank Hunts 30 Poetic Tomestones, 10 Patch Tomestones, 40 Nuts
S Rank Hunts 100 Poetic Tomestones, 30 Patch Tomestones, 100 Nuts
SS Rank Hunts 200 Poetic Tomestones, 50 Patch Tomestones, 400 Nuts
The B Rank Elite Hunt Shockmaw, in the lands of Elpis / FFXIV
The B Rank Elite Hunt Shockmaw, in the lands of Elpis

Currently Endwalker Hunts will drop slightly more Tomestones than listed above. The number is usually adjusted as the Patch cycle continues, but we’re after the Nuts.

As you can see, your Nagxian Cat is well within reach with just a little bit of work.

The Daily Hunt Bills are especially great for Leveling up Jobs in addition to the other rewards.



If you’re staring at this and have no idea how to even begin with these Hunts, no worries. You’ll need to complete a series of Quests to ensure you’re able to receive rewards.

These start all the way back in A Realm Reborn, with your Grand Company:

Let the Hunt Begin is a Level 50 Quest which allows you to receive Allied Seals. It starts one of three places:

  • Mimio Mio (Ul’dah – The Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:9)
  • Scarlet (New Gridania – The Adders Nest, X:9 Y:11)
  • Trachraet (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – Maelstrom Command, X:12 Y:12)

Following that quest, you’ll next need to unlock Centurio Seals in Heavensward and Stormblood. It also requires you to be the Rank of Second Lieutenant with your Grand Company.

It requires four Quests:

  • Let the Clan Hunt Begin, Level 53 – Aytienne (Foundation, X:12 Y:11)
  • Better Bill Hunting, Level 56 – Eustacia (Foundation, X:12 Y:11)
  • Top Marks, Level 59 – Yloise (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:6)
  • Elite and Dangerous, Level 60 (Ardolain, X:13 Y:11)

With that Quest series finished, you’re almost ready to begin your Nut Hunt.

First you’ll need to face yet another series of four Quests, beginning in the Crystarium.

  • Nuts to You, Level 70 – Hume Lout (The Crystarium, X:12 Y:15)
  • Two Nuts Too Nutty, Level 73 – Halidor (The Crystarium, X:9 Y:9)
  • How Do You Like Three Nuts, Level 76 – Halidor (The Crystarium, X:9 Y:9)
  • Too Many Nutters, Level 80 – Halidor (The Crystarium, X:9 Y:9)

Now that you’ve unlocked the Shadowbringers Hunts, you can begin doing the Weekly and Daily Bills. However, you will need to do another set of Quests to open up the Endwalker Vendor that sells the Nagxian Cat Minion.

  • The Hunt for Specimens, Level 80 – Diminutive Gleaner (Old Sharlayan, X:11 Y:12)
  • That Specimen Came from the Moon, Level 83 – Northota (Old Sharlayan, X:12 Y:13)
  • A Hunt for the Ages, Level 89 – Northota (Old Sharlayan, X:12 Y:13)
  • Perfect Specimens, Level 90 – Northota (Old Sharlayan, X:12 Y:13)

Spending Your Nuts

J’akshai of Scholar’s Harbor in Old Sharlayan offers a variety of goods / FFXIV
J’akshai of Scholar’s Harbor in Old Sharlayan offers a variety of goods

From Nuts to riches, Hunts can be a lucrative experience.

All the other benefits aside, the Hunt Vendors offer a ton of things worth working for. Including your precious Nagxian Cat Minion!

The full list available from Endwalker Guildship Hunt Vendors is:

Item Cost
Diabolos Wings (Fashion Accessory) 800 Nuts
Nagxian Cat Minion 800 Nuts
Thavnairian Striking Dummy 300 Nuts
Unbowed Orchestrion Roll 300 Nuts
Grade IX DoW/DoM Materia 150 Nuts
Grade X DoW/DoM Materia 400 Nuts
The Diabolos Wings Fashion Accessory, flight not included / FFXIV
The Diabolos Wings Fashion Accessory, flight not included

In the future, early Expansion Armor sets will be added to this Vendor in addition to other prizes. It’s always worth checking back every Patch to see what new spoils are available.

That being said, your Nagxian Cat Minion can be yours for minimal effort.

Best of luck in your Hunt!

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