How Do You Get The Nana Bear Minion in FFXIV?

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The Nana Bear Minion is obtained through Crafting. It’s a four star Weaver Recipe, available at Level 50.

The Bear is also available from Material Coffer 3.0, sold by your Grand Company.

These cost 20,000 Seals each, and the Minion you receive is completely random. Still though, you’ve got a shot at your Nana Bear if you don’t Craft.

No specialist Recipe Books are required for crafting, you’ll simply need the minimum stats to attempt the craft – in addition to the materials, of course.

We can break down the Recipe here so you’ll be all set to get your Nana Bear when the time comes.

The Recipe Tree for the Nana Bear Minion, including raw materials / FFXIV
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Added in Patch 5.1, the Recipe Tree function is a handy tool.

It’s available by selecting an item and clicking this option in the menu.

The unfortunate thing is it doesn’t tell you quite where to get everything…

But no worries, we’ll break it down for you:


Nana Bear Recipe

Arachne Web x 1: This Crafting material isn’t actually gatherable. You’ll need to purchase it for 2,250 Grand Company Seals in one of three locations. In addition, you’ll need to be Second Lieutenant with your Grand Company.

Here are the locations:

  • Flame Quartermaster (Ul’dah – The Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:9)
  • Maelstrom Quartermaster (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – Maelstrom Command, X:13 Y:13)
  • Adders Quartermaster (New Gridania – Adders’ Nest, X:10 Y:11)

Cashmere Cloth x 1: A Level 50 three star Weaver Recipe. This one actually requires the Master Weaver I Book.

The Book itself is purchased in Mor Dhona from Talan (Mor Dhona – Revenant’s Toll, X:22 Y:7) for 1 High Quality Vanya Silk, which you can get as follows:

  • Vanya Silk x1: 2 x Silk Thread (Level 50 Weaver) and 9 x Potash (available from your Grand company).

With the Book in your possession, you’ll need to purchase Cashmere Cloth for 1,150 Grand Company Seals.

The Diluted Vitriol is a Level 50 Alchemist Craft. It requires a Material from the Kobold Beast Tribe Vendor (Outer La Noscea – Camp Overlook, X:22 Y:18).

Hunting unsuspecting Apkallu on the Bloodshore / FFXIV
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Apkallu Down x 3: One of the easier Materials to acquire. Available in three locations:

  • Apkallu enemies (Eastern La Noscea – Bloodshore, X:30, Y:35)
  • Field Exploration IX (Gathering Retainer Level 40 Venture)
  • Hunting Exploration (Combat Retainer Level 45 Venture)

Silk Thread x 1: Requires a timed Botanist Node, or a Gathering Retainer. The methods to obtain Silkworm Cocoons are:

  • Harvesting: East Shroud – Little Solace (Slot 4, Unspoiled Node, 1 AM Eorzean Time, Level 50 Botanist, X:22 Y:26)
  • Woodland Exploration XI – XIV (Botanist Retainer Level 50 Venture).

Once you’ve gotten all your materials simply Craft your Nana Bear Minion and enjoy your new cuddly companion.

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