FFXIV: How Do You Get The Nutkin Minion?

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The Nutkin Minion in is obtained primarily as a rare reward from Unhidden Leather Maps. These are a special type of Treasure Map, added in Patch 2.3.

What makes these difficult to come by is the fact that they’re a Map within a Map.

Unhidden Leather Maps, while only Level 50, must be received as a reward from one of these other types:


Timeworn Goatskin Map Locations

  • Botanist, Level 45
    • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim, X:23 Y:18
    • Upper La Noscea – Bronze Lake, X:34 Y:24
  • Miner, Level 45
    • Upper La Noscea – Bronze Lake, X:30 Y:25
    • Eastern Thanalan – Drybone, X:13 Y:19
  • Fisher, Level 45
    • Eastern La Noscea – Red Mantis Falls, X:15 Y:27
    • Western La Noscea – Sapsa Spawning Grounds, X:17 Y:15

Timeworn Boarskin Map Locations

  • Botanist, Level 50
    • Eastern La Noscea – Raincatcher Gully, X:17 Y:32
    • Coerthas Western Highlands – Riversmeet, X:32 Y:32
  • Miner, Level 50
    • Northern Thanalan – Bluefog, X:23 Y:24
    • Lower La Noscea – The Gods’ Grip, X:22 Y:35
  • Fisher, Level 50
    • Western La Noscea – Reaver Hide, X:14 Y:12
    • Mor Dhona – The Tangle, X:14 Y:13

Timeworn Archaeoskin Map Locations

  • Botanist, Level 55
    • The Dravanian Forelands – The Smoldering Wastes, X:26 Y:27
    • The Churning Mists – Landlord Colony, X:22 Y:23
  • Miner, Level 55
    • The Dravanian Forelands – Chocobo Forest, X:31 Y:15
    • Coerthas Western Highlands – Twinpools, X:17 Y:13
  • Fisher, Level 55
    • The Churning Mists – Greensward, X:8 Y:34
    • The Dravanian Forelands – The Hundred Throes, X:31 Y:10

Timeworn Wyvernskin Map Locations

  • Botanist, Level 60
    • The Churning Mists – Eil Tohm, X:32 Y:32
    • The Sea of Clouds – Voor Sian Siran, X:27 Y:34
  • Miner, Level 60
    • The Dravanian Hinterlands – The Makers’ Quarter, X:25 Y:25
    • Coerthas Western Highlands – The Red Rim, X:22 Y:29
  • Fisher, Level 60
    • Azys Lla – Aetherochemical Spill, X:30 Y:6
    • The Dravanian Hinterlands – Thaliak River, X:23 Y:23

Getting Your Nutkin Minion (Best Method)

Unearthing treasure, in hopes of even more treasure / Final Fantasy XIV
Unearthing treasure, in hopes of even more treasure.

Once you’ve gathered a Map, you’ll need to discover its location and defeat the monsters that spawn.

Once that’s accomplished, hold your breath and open your coffer.

With any luck it’ll contain an Unhidden Leather Map, which you’ll also need to discover.

These Maps are obscure & contain exceedingly valuable materials. Not to mention that Nutkin Minion you’re looking for!

The possible rewards from an Unhidden Leather Map are:

  • Faded Copy of “The Only Path” Orchestrion Roll
  • Ahriman Tears
  • Mariner Cotton Cloth
  • Cutting Oil
  • Morbol Saliva
  • Chinchilla Hide
  • Belah’dian Silver
  • Frosted Glass Lens
  • Lotus Leaf
  • Dress Material
  • Imitation Mistbeard Mask
  • Imperial Shadow Visor
  • Mist Silk
  • Polarized Glass
  • Spriggan Cap
  • Nutkin Minion
  • Exquisite Buttons
  • Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil
  • Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil
  • Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil
  • Elemental Clusters
Cosplay as legendary and feared Maelstrom Pilot Mistbeard / FFXIV
Cosplay as legendary and feared Maelstrom Pilot Mistbeard

Many of these fetch high prices, making your time investment worth it. Even if you don’t immediately come away with a Nutkin.

But there are three other methods to acquiring this elusive squirrel:


Other Methods


Optional Method 1: Féte Presents

These are acquired from Fétes in The Firmament Zone in Ishgard.

They occur roughly every two days and require a crafter or Gatherer. Opening the Presents you receive at the dn can yield a Nutkin, though rare.

The Material Containers are a great way to spend excess Seals at your Grand Company / Final Fantasy XIV
The Material Containers are a great way to spend excess Seals at your Grand Company.

Optional Method 2: Material Container 3.0

These are purchased from your Grand Company for 20,000 Seals. They can contain nearly any Minion from the Heavensward Expansion. Including the Nutkin!

However, the loot table is massive so it isn’t a direct method.


Optional Method 3: Bronze-trimmed Sack

These are pieces of the Accursed Hoard from the Palace of the Dead. They can be found on Floors 1-50, and among the many Minions it offers the Nutkin is included.

These three alternatives aren’t truly direct methods for your Nutkin, but they’re viable should you not be capable of gathering Maps.

The Unhidden Leather Map is your absolute best chance, though.

Best of luck in your hunt!

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