FFXIV: How To Get The Palico Minion

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The Palico Minion is received as a reward for the quest “The New King on the Block”. Added in Patch 4.36, this quest is a collaboration with the Monster Hunter franchise. But it’s a permanent Event and Trial, so no worries about missing your precious Palico.

The only requirement to unlock this quest is completion of the Level 70 Main Story Quest “Stormblood”.

If that’s out of the way, head over to Kugane in Othard.

“The New King on the Block” can be picked up from the Hearty Hunter (Kugane – Bokairo Inn, X:10 Y:9).

From there, you’ll be led to the Azim Steppe in search of some certainly fearsome prey.

The steps in order are:

  • Gather information in the settlement of Reunion
  • Speak with the Concerned Qestiri Merchant (The Azim Steppe – Reunion, X:31 Y:27)
  • Lie in wait at the designated location on your map
  • Speak with the Felyne (The Azim Steppe, X:12 Y:11)
  • Use your Duty Finder to complete the Trial “Great Hunt”
  • Speak once again with the Felyne
  • Return to the Hearty Hunter (Kugane – Bokairo Inn, X:10 Y:9) to claim your reward

Once you get through all that – well, there ya go. You’re now the proud owner of a precious Palico Minion.

However, there are other rewards to be won.


The Hunt Is On

Rathalos awaits your challenge on The Steppe / FFXIV
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The Rathalos fight is actually unique in Final Fantasy.

The mechanics are a departure from previous Trials, with influences from the Monster Hunter franchise.

Namely, his attacks are visually telegraphed instead of providing you with AOE indicators.

This means you’ll have to watch the boss and how it moves to see how to dodge upcoming attacks.

In addition, after the first phase, healing is disabled entirely. You’ll need to use the Duty Action “Mega Potion” in order to restore HP.

This comes complete with a long animation lock, meaning you’ll want to be in safety before using it.

It’s especially important to watch Rathalos, because it cannot be Tanked.

This means it’ll attack whatever or whoever it wants at any given time.

To give you a heads up, here are the mechanics of the fight.


Phase 1: Ground

  • Whipping Bite: Rathalos will stare slightly to its left while raising its tail. After a short delay, he will cleave the Players in front and behind him. You can dodge this by being at his flanks.
  • Tail Swipe: A two-fold attack indicated by Rathalos raising its tail and looking to the right. After a brief delay, it will do a 180 degree counterclockwise sweep followed by a second attack in a clockwise motion. You can dodge this by being on its left flank or well outside of melee range.
  • Charging Bite: Rathalos will rush towards a random Player and pause to roar. After the pause, it will then lunge directly at that player regardless of distance. To dodge, simply get out of the Rathalos’s path after the roar animation.
  • Fireball: A marker will appear over a Player’s head as Rathalos begins to spout flames. This is an unavoidable attack. It should be spread away from the Party to avoid splash damage.
  • Evasive Breath: Rathalos will turn towards its target and lower its head. After a delay, it will blast the area directly in front causing burns and damage. Immediately run behind or away from Rathalos, as this animation is very short.

Phase 2: Adds

All of Rathalos’ attacks from Phase 1 also occur here.

You’ll need to additionally contend with Adds. These Adds can be Tanked, though, so that’s a plus. Here’s the adds you’ll face:

  • Sheep: These annoying critters will run about and cast a Sleep spell in a circular AOE. If caught, you’re a sitting duck for anything the Rathalos or other Adds decide to do.
  • Yak: These are the least-threatening of all the Adds. They’ll do a simple charge, often targeting the Rathalos itself.
  • Coeurl: Will periodically channel a wide-cleaving attack called Blaster. If caught in the attack, you’ll be paralyzed. The most problematic Add, and should be defeated first.
  • Garula: When Rathalos is reduced to roughly 70% HP, the Garula will appear and charge it. This Add functions as the DPS Check of the encounter, and must be killed immediately. Once defeated it serves as a shield against Rathalos’s impending flames.
  • Rodeo: Once Rathalos is knocked prone by the garula, a targetable icon will appear. One Player must activate this and perform button presses to keep Rathalos pinned. If you run out of time, the Group will wipe.
An angered rathalos takes to the skies for its final battle / FFXIV
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For its final trick, Rathalos takes to the skies and gains an entire new set of abilities.

Many of these apply burns or poison, so keep an eye on your HP.

This is especially important in the Extreme version of the Great Hunt.

Any three deaths in the Extreme Trial removes you from it completely, as in it boots you from the fight.

You’ll need to re-queue entirely and start from the beginning!


Phase 3: Flying

  • Claw Swipe: Similar to Charging Bite from Phase 1. Rathalos will turn toward a random Player and elevate slightly. It will then swoop towards the Player with claws extended, causing damage and poison. Most easily dodged by running behind Rathalos.
  • Mangle: A frontal cone attack that deals physical damage. Can also cause stun. Dodged by moving to Rathalos’s flanks or rear.
  • Sweeping Flames: A large frontal fiery explosion. Inflicts damage, stun, and a long-lasting burn. Easily dodged by running to the flanks or rear of Rathalos.
  • Fireball: Similar to the Phase One ability, except it will leave behind a large lava puddle. This puddle persists throughout the fight and causes burn damage on touch. Should be baited along the edges of the arena as a Party.

Rathalos will continue with these abilities until defeated.

Note that it has a knockdown gauge too. When this fills, its tail will become targetable.

Destroying Rathalos’s tail deals massive damage to the creature. So make sure whenever it’s knocked down, you chop off that tail!


A Trophy Worthy of a Hunter

A slain Rathalos being stripped of its scales / FFXIV
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Upon defeating the Rathalos, make sure you pry off some of its scales. There will be two spots to carve for these: the head and the tail.

Each of those parts will reward you with a Rathalos Scale (or Rathalos Scale+ in Extreme) that you can then trade for loot.

The Smithy (Kugane – Rakuza District, X:10 Y:9) is who you want to trade with, offering the following:

Item Cost
Rathalos Helm (F/M) 4 Rathalos Scale
Rathalos Mail (F/M) 8 Rathalos Scale
Rathalos Vambraces (F/M) 4 Rathalos Scale
Rathalos Coil (F/M) 8 Rathalos Scale
Rathalos Greaves (F/M) 4 rathalos Scale
BBQ Spit (Outdoor Furnishing) 10 Rathalos Scale
Indoor BBQ Spit (Indoor Furnishing) 10 Rathalos Scale
Cornerstone of the New World Orchestrion 10 Rathalos Scale
Savage of the Ancient Forest Orchestrion 10 Rathalos Scale
Augmented Rathalos Helm (F/M) Rathalos Helm, 2 Rathalos Scale+
Augmented Rathalos Mail (F/M) Rathalos Mail, 4 Rathalos Scale+
Augmented Rathalos Vambraces (F/M) Rathalos Vambraces, 2 Rathalos Scale +
Augmented Rathalos Coil (F/M) Rathalos Coil, 4 Rathalos Scale+
Augmented Rathalos Greaves (F/M) Rathalos Greaves, 2 Rathalos Scale+
Poogie (Minion) 5 Rathalos Scale+
Rathalos Whistle (Mount) 50 Rathalos Scale+
Proof of a Hero Orchestrion 5 Rathalos Scale+

Yes, with enough scales you can fly around on your very own Rathalos.

But you’re here for the Palico, right? So happy hunting!

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