How To Get The Parade Chocobo Mount in FFXIV

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The portly Parade Chocobo Mount of FFXIV is acquired as a reward for earning 3,000 Player Commendations.

Player Commendations are received from other Members of a Duty upon completion. They aren’t a guarantee, and Players are allowed to give one commendation each. Oftentimes they’re defaulted to the more indispensable roles in a Party such as Tanks and Healers.

That being said, it’s up to you to prove your worth to your fellow Eorzeans.

Few things are as satisfying as a DPS Player as receiving a commendation for your efforts!


Proving Your Worth

Dodging aetherochemical hazards in the Pharos Sirius Lighthouse / FFXIV
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Looking at it, 3,000 is a steep hill to climb on the way to your large princely bird.

You’ll likely find yourself struggling to accumulate Commendations at a reasonable rate without a few tips.

Keep in mind that these are first and foremost earned, Players can leave without commending anyone.

It’s also more difficult to get that elusive commendation on certain roles, especially DPS.

Commendations are most easily earned by being helpful. New players almost always appreciate getting a heads up on tricky bosses before charging in.

Some general advice on how to prove your worth and be noticed by your Party:



  • Efficient use of defensive cooldowns. Not only will your Healer appreciate you, it will allow them the opportunity to DPS as well. This expedites your time spent in dungeons, making everyone happier.
  • Being able to manage the larger dungeon pulls. Granted you should also try to accommodate your Healer if they are new and adjust. The bigger the better, since you can destroy everything at once making things quicker.
  • Understanding mechanics and boss placement. Tanks are generally seen as the conductor of the Party. Having a good grasp of the duty you’re in and being able to handle it is paramount. Your DPS will also appreciate you letting them hit positionals.


  • Efficient use of Cooldowns. At later levels you have so many tools to keep everyone alive that almost any situation is handled without hard-casting a single Heal. Don’t be a cure robot.
  • Expanding on the first tip, do DPS. Healers, especially White Mage, have some amazing damage potential especially with aoe. Holy is hard to miss and people are sure to take notice of 10 seconds of stun.
  • Reliable mechanic resolution. In a lot of situations if the Healer goes down, cold sweat breaks out on the rest of the Party. Keeping yourself alive so you don’t have to watch your allies get picked off one-by-one is a swell way to assure a commendation.


  • Knowing your rotation in any given situation. Using aoe for 3+ enemies, efficient use of damage buffs, and being able to manhandle bosses are big factors. If everything is dying quickly, you’re sure to be noticed.
  • Efficient use of Defensive Cooldowns. While some DPS have more options than others, slapping Feint on a tank buster is always a welcome addition. The less work the Tanks and Healers have to do when you can mitigate for them or apply a well-timed stun the better.
  • Mechanical consistency. A recurring theme to receiving a Player Commendation is knowing how to solve problems without dying. The less explosions you stand in as a DPS, the more likely the Healer is to take a shine to you.

One last overall tip is no matter the duty, try to be effectively geared for it.

No one wants to deal with a soft Tank or a wimpy DPS. Keep that ilvl up to not only make your life easier, but your party’s.


Other Commendable Rewards

The Gilded Magitek Armor navigating the Cerulium Flats of Northern Thanalan / FFXIV
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While the Parade Chocobo is the ultimate prize for proving your worth to your fellow Players, you’ll earn many others.

You can receive all of the following from Player Commendations:

10 Commendations “The Heart of The Party” (Title)
50 Commendations Princely Hatchling (Minion)
100 Commendations Partisan’s Crown (Glamour)
300 Commendations Sovereign Barding (Chocobo Barding)
500 Commendations Gilded Magitek Armor (Mount)
1,500 Commendations The Best Gown Ever (Glamour)
3,000 Commendations Parade Chocobo (Mount)

Be the reflection of the community that you want to see, and you’ll have your celebratory Chocobo in no time.

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