How To Get The Portly Porxie Mount (FFXIV)

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You can get the Portly Porxie Mount from the Pixie Beast Tribe for 18 Fae Fancy. This also requires you to be Rank 7 (Sworn) with the Pixies.

Fae Fancy are rewarded at a rate of 1 per Daily Quest.

By the time you’ve reached Rank 7, you’ll surely have enough for your Portly Porxie.

The Quests themselves are an excellent source of experience even at Level 80. So they’re certainly worth keeping up with, especially for alternate Jobs.

The Pixies, added as a Beast Tribe in Shadowbringers patch 5.1, begin at Rank 3 (Friendly).

So to progress to Rank 7 (Sworn) and get your magical pig, you’ll need to do roughly 21 days of quests.

That means 3 quests per day.

However, you can shorten this by spending a couple extra Allowances whenever the Pixies increase in Rank.


Making The Pixies Dreams Come True

The whimsical dreamworld of Lyhe Mheg / Final Fantasy XIV
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To begin curing the nightmares of The First with your Pixie pals, you’ll need to be in Shadowbringers.

You’ll also need to have completed the Level 73 Main Scenario Quest “The Wheel Turns”.

If you’ve already toppled the Fae Queen Titania, then you’ll need to find the Pink Pixie (The Crystarium – The Pendants, X:13 Y:15).

She’ll offer up the Quest “Manic Pixie Dream Realm”.

This will send you off to Lakeland to investigate nightmares plaguing the children there. Meeting up with your soon-to-be Mount, Ezel Il, you set off to devour some dreams.

After defeating the monster that appears, you’ll follow your friend to the dreamscape of Lyhe Mheg.

It’s a wondrous world which will expand each time you progress your friendship with the Pixie Beast Tribe.

And it’s also a great place for screenshots.

To that end, you’ll now be able to pick up Daily Quests from Uin Nee (Il Mheg – Lydha Lran, X:12 Y:33).


Getting What You Fancy From The Fae

The Fae Fancy Vendor of Il Mheg, Jul Oul / FFXIV
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As mentioned above, you’ll be accruing quite a number of Fae Fancies as you endear yourself to the Pixies.

And the good news is that they offer a myriad of items alongside the Portly Porxie.

So here’s everything you can get with your Fae Fancy:

Item Reputation Cost
Grade VII DoW/DoM Materia Rank 3 (Friendly) 3 Fae Fancy
Grade VIII DoW/DoM Materia Rank 3 (Friendly) 6 Fae Fancy
Macaron Cushion Rank 4 (Trusted) 3 Fae Fancy
Stuffed Porxie Rank 5 (Respected) 5 Fae Fancy
Wind-up Porxie Minion Rank 6 (Honored) 8 Fae Fancy
Portly Porxie Horn Rank 7 (Sworn) 18 Fae Fancy
Il Mheg Flower Lamp Rank 8 (Bloodsworn) 8 Fae Fancy
Garden’s Gates Orchestrion Rank 8 (Bloodsworn) 6 Fae Fancy

You’ll also get Poetic Tomestones for each Quest after 80, along with massive experience.

Best of luck in pursuit of your Portly Porxie Mount!

Keep at it and you’ll be snorting on all your friends in no time.

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