FFXIV: How Do You Get The Pteranodon Mount?

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The paleolithic Pteranodon Mount in FFXIV is acquired by completing the Achievement “Castle in the Sky”.

And “Castle in the Sky” itself is quite a daunting task.

It requires you to accumulate 500,000 Skybuilder’s Points as every Disciple of the Hand and Land. Skybuilder’s Points are rewarded for every Collectible you craft or Material gathered in The Firmament.

The Materials for Gatherers are more specifically acquired from The Diadem, accessed from The Firmament itself. Collectibles required for Crafters are made from the Materials you gather.

The positive here is that while working towards one discipline, you’ll be getting the materials you need for the other.

While crafting and gathering you’ll also get a ton of Experience Points – which is also good. The negative here is just about everything else.

This is a massive grind.

So roll up your sleeves, put on some tunes, and get ready to put in some long hours.


Making Yourself Want To Diadem

Miner breaking rocks (Umbral Flare) in the sun of The Diadem / FFXIV
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Your first steps towards your avian reptile are going to be in The Diadem…. followed by several hundred thousand more steps.

You’ll need to have completed the Main Story Quest “Litany of Peace” in Heavensward to start this.

Pick up the Quest “Towards the Firmament” (Foundation – The Pillars, X:10 Y:11) and speak with Thomelin (Foundation – The Brume, X:14 Y:12).

You’ll then head over to The Jewelled Crozier, have a chat with Francel, and be on your way to The Firmament after delivering wine.

The Diadem is unlocked simply by having any Disciple of the Land at Level 10 and speaking to Augebert (Foundation – The Firmament, X:11 Y:14).

After consulting with Enie and Flotpassant nearby, you can access the Diadem any time by speaking with Aurvael (Foundation – The Firmament, X:12 Y:14).

Materials gathered inside The Diadem range from levels 10 to 80.

The higher the level, the more Skybuilder’s Points and Scrips you earn.

Rare materials also exist during certain weather, like the “Umbral Flare” pictured above.

In addition, the “Aetheromatic Auger” allows you to demolish monsters in Diadem for large amounts of Materials.

Demolishing an unsuspecting Diadem Werewood with the Auger / FFXIV
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The following Materials reward Skyward Points and Skybuilder’s Scrips:


Miner and Botanist

Grade 4 Skybuilder’s Lvl 10 5 Set 1 Scrips 0 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Skybuilder’s Lvl 60 5 Set 2 Scrips 0 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Skybuilder’s Lvl 80 5 Set 3 Scrips 13 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilder’s Lvl 80 5 Set 3 Scrips 13 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Umbral Skybuilder’s Lvl 80 5 Set 5 Scrips 15 Skyward Pts.


Grade 4 Skybuilder’s Lvl 10 1 Set 2 Scrips 0 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Skybuilder’s Lvl 60 1 Set 4-10 Scrips 0 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Skybuilder’s Lvl 80 1 Set 3-12 Scrips 2-10 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Artisanal Skybuilder’s Lvl 80 1 Set 17-124 Scrips 106-996 Skyward Pts.
Grade 4 Umbral Skybuilder’s Lvl 80 1 Set 45-153 Scrips 512-1078 Skyward Pts.

All of these gathered Materials are then used to Craft Collectibles.

Fish can be desynthezied into Materials as well, so everything takes you towards your goal.

This is also the fastest method of leveling your Gatherers (as of this writing), even if you accumulate no points.


Collectibles & The Secret Of The Skybuilder’s Stone

An Alchemist toils in The Firmament / FFXIV
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After spending countless hours in The Diadem and amassing a mountain of materials, it’s time to work.

Starting at Level 20, you can begin handing Collectibles in to Potkin (Foundation – The Firmament, X:12 &:14).

You’ll unlock a new tier of Collectible at Levels 20, 40, 60, 70, and 80 with the last offering the most rewards.

The higher the Collectability of your turn-in, the more points and Scrips you earn.

Listed below are the possible rewards:

Level Collectability Range Scrip Reward Exp Reward Skyward Pts.
20 50-105 3-5 60480-153534 0
40 90-380 7-9 233729-928236 0
60 300-1320 11-15 1285456-1771387 0
70 480-2880 18-22 2263139-4466794 0
80 1350-3150 31-63 4877967-5853560 3-25
80 Expert 5800-7400 66-80 4877967-5853560 175-820

As you can see, you won’t be able to begin accumulating Skyward Points until Level 80.

Fortunately, the massive Experience you get from these crafts gets you there quickly. It’s an excellent way to boost your levels, with the added benefit of giving you Scrips.

Looking at the above Chart, you see that “Expert” crafts offer the highest rewards, but they’re obviously the most difficult. Here is a brief explanation.

These are unique in that instead of the “Excellent” and “Poor” Conditions in normal crafting, these recipes have the following:

  • Centered – Increases action success rate by 25&.
  • Sturdy – Reduces durability loss by 50% (stacks with actions such as Waste Not).
  • Pliant – Reduces CP cost of actions by 50%.
  • Malleable – Increases to “Progress” are 1.5x higher. This multiplies buffs, so take caution accordingly when using actions.
  • Primed – Next status granted by an action will last two additional steps.

Effectively taking advantage of these Conditions will enable you to consistently make Expert crafts.

Where trial and error are great tools, looking up a guide would be best. Unless you really want to spend even more time in The Diadem after your craft explodes.


What Do I Do With All These Scrips?

Enie the Scrip Vendor Location in The Firmament / FFXIV
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During your ceaseless pursuit of the Pteranodon Mount, you’ll acquire a hefty sum of Skybuilder’s Scrips.

Enie (Foundation – The Firmament, X:12 Y:14) offers you a myriad of ways to spend your hard-earned currency.

You can spend your Scrips on the following items:

  • Mounts (Ufiti, Pegasus, Albino Karakul, Megalotragus, Big Shell, Antelope Doe)
  • Minions
  • Emotes
  • Hairstyles (Except Viera)
  • Orchestrion Rolls
  • Parasols
  • Triple Triad Cards
  • Grade VII and VIII DoH/DoL Materia
  • Glamours
  • Dyes

Best of luck on your grind!

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