How To Get The Royal Lunatender Minion (FFXIV)

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The Royal Lunatender Minion is acquired as a rare drop from the Excitatron 6000. The Excitatron 6000 is a special instanced dungeon added in Patch 6.05 of the Endwalker Expansion.

This particular Dungeon can only be accessed by completing Kumbhiraskin Maps and having a Portal spawn.

The Portal itself isn’t guaranteed, either, so you can see why this Minion’s acquisition is a bit tricky.

The Maps themselves can be gathered by any Disciple of the Land starting at around Level 85. They can also be acquired through things like Wondrous Tails, or even purchased on the Marketboard.


Rewards From The Excitatron 6000

The grand entrance to the Excitatron 6000 / Final Fantasy XIV
The grand entrance to the Excitatron 6000.

You’ll need a Full Party of 8 Players, or at the very least a Light Party, to complete the challenges of the Excitatron.

Much like the Map Dungeons in previous Expansions, you’ll be pitted against waves of monsters and traps.

With each room you clear, you’ll get to open a chest and pick a door to open. The further you venture in, the better the rewards. This means the better your odds for the evasive Royal Lunatender Minion!

In addition to that, there are a ton of rewards available.

Some are usually added with each new patch in any expansion for the game.

So don’t get disheartened if your Minion doesn’t come easy. There are plenty of other treasures worth your time spent in the Excitatron. You’ll even earn Gil and Tomestones as you open chests!

The full list of the possible rewards includes:

Chamber Gil Tomestones
1 3,000 2
2 5,000 4
3 7,500 6
4 10,000 8
5 10,000 10


  • Elemental Crystals
  • Elemental Clusters
  • Raw Ametrine
  • Ametrine
  • Horse Chestnut Log
  • Palm Log
  • Phrygian Gold Ore
  • Eblan Alumen
  • Sungold Firesand
  • Moon Gel
  • Cloth of Happiness – used for Wristlet of Happiness, Hose of Happiness, Boots of Happiness and Cape of Happiness glamours.
  • Exciting Fiber – used for Varsity Shoes, Varsity Flat Cap, Varsity Jacket, Buttoned Varsity Jacket, Varsity Bottoms and Varsity Skirt Glamours.
Flying from room to room inside the Excitatron 6000 / Final Fantasy XIV
Flying from room to room inside the Excitatron 6000.


  • Grade IX & X Disciple of War Materia
    • Savage Might, Savage Aim, Battledance, Heavens’ Eye, Quickarm
  • Grade IX & X Disciple of Magic Materia
    • Quicktongue, Piety
  • Grade IX & X Disciple of the Land Materia
    • Gatherer’s Guile, Gatherer’s Grasp, Gatherer’s Guerdon
  • Grade IX & X Disciple of the Hand Materia
    • Craftsman’s Cunning, Craftsman’s Competence, Craftsman’s Command

Orchestrion Rolls

  • Finality
  • On Blade’s Edge
If you’re lucky enough you can even take some wings home with you / Final Fantasy XIV
If you’re lucky enough you can even take some wings home with you.

Unique Rewards

  • Archangel Wings
  • Pixie Wings
  • Royal Lunatender Minion
  • White Lace Parasol
  • Cracked Anthocluster (can be exchanged for any Grade X DoW or DoM Materia in Radz-at-Han)

Gather up your friends and spend a day delving into some Maps.

You’re sure to come away with all kinds of loot. Perhaps even that Royal Lunatender Minion you’re searching for.

Best of luck in your treasure hunt!

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