How To Get The Sabotender Emperador Mount in FFXIV

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The Sabotender Emperador Mount is purchased from the Gold Saucer Prize Attendant (The Gold Saucer – Entrance Square, X:5 Y:7) for a whopping 2,000,000 MGP.

Manderville Gold Saucer Points are a special currency only used in the Ul’dahnian attraction.

They’re earned through various minigames and the weekly Challenge Log once you’ve unlocked The Gold Saucer.

And the Sabotender is the most expensive Mount that the Gold Saucer offers.

This eclipses the Fenrir Mount and Cloud Triple Triad Card at a mere 1,000,000 MGP.

And MGP (outside of hitting the jackpot) takes quite a while to accumulate.

Being diligent with your weekly rewards and mindful of all the methods is important. With those in mind, you’ll be soaring the skies on your Sabotender in no time.


Cashing Out For Your Cactus (Earning MGP)

The Jumbo Cacpot cashier in Manderville / FFXIV
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There’s a lot of ways to earn MGP, but none will earn you your Sabotender faster than hitting the Jumbo Cacpot.

You can purchase three tickets weekly.

Each Player that enters increases the grand prize.

Even hitting on a couple numbers will net you tens of thousands of MGP. So it’s an easy way to test your luck for a huge payout.

Mini Cactpot is also available daily, with a maximum reward of up to 30,000 MGP.

The Falling City of Lym showing a Leap of Faith instance / FFXIV
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Another great opportunity to earn MGP is through GATEs.

Gold Saucer Active Time Events occur three times per hour. So if you have time to kill, the Gold saucer is a great place to do so.

Leap of Faith (pictured above) is a jumping puzzle of sorts. You can earn a maximum of 4,000 MGP for collecting all the Cactuars and completing the puzzle.

For just a few minutes of effort you’re that much closer to your Mount!

GATE attendants throughout the Gold Saucer will allow you to register for the Events as well. Meaning when it’s available, you’ll be teleported directly to the NPC.

Several other GATEs and weekly rewards are available in the Saucer as well.

Between the Fashion Report and Challenge Log, you’ll end up with plenty of MGP very quickly.

A weapon from the Gold Saucer’s private arsenal / FFXIV
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In addition to the myriad of Mounts that you have your eye on, there’s plenty more to win here too.

Weapons, hairstyles, orchestrions, minions, and even fancy outfits for your beloved Chocobo are available.

You can see everything available to you at the Prize Claim where you’ll grab your Sabotender Emperador.

And with all the MGP you’ll be swimming in, something else is sure to catch your eye at the counter.

And sometime in 6.0 there’s even a revamp of the Gold Saucer planned. New attractions and adjustments are on the way! Perhaps even paving a shorter path towards your Mount.

Best of luck with your grind, hopefully lady luck is on your side.

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