How To Get The Salt & Pepper Seal Minion (FFXIV)

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The Salt & Pepper Seal Minion in FFXIV is obtained rarely as a drop from the Level 70 Dungeon “The Drowned City of Skalla”. Added in Patch 4.1 of the Stormblood Expansion, this dungeon is unlocked through the Quest “The Mad King’s Trove”. This is a Main Scenario Quest, meaning you’ll have it opened up as soon as you progress far enough into Stormblood.

The City itself has quite a rich history.

Founded at the beginning of the Fifth Astral Era in Gyr Abania, Skalla was built deep into a steep stone ravine. Unfortunately the city’s natural defense wouldn’t save it from the Sixth Umbral Calamity after an age of war.

The sunken passage into the now silent City of Skalla. / FFXIV
The sunken passage into the now silent City of Skalla.

The great flood submerged the City and its denizens, creating the now haunted depths of Loch Seld. You venture into these ruins in search of the Ala Mhigan King Theodoric’s ancient and vaunted treasure.

Unfortunately it’s guarded by a large number of monsters that he also placed there to defend his riches.

You’ll need a Light Party, or to be sufficiently over-leveled and geared in order to reliably complete this Duty.

Tip: It’s always a good plan to grab some friends to make your farm that much quicker.

Seeing as the Salt & Pepper Seal is a rare drop, you’ll likely be spending quite a lot of time taking in the Skallic sights. That being said, it’s also a good idea to refresh yourself on some of the trickier mechanics.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.


It’s Not a Skalla Issue (Mechanics Guide)

The monstrous Kelpie guards the entrance to the ruins proper of the Drowned City. / FFXIV
The monstrous Kelpie guards the entrance to the ruins proper of the Drowned City.


  • Torpedo – Moderate Tankbuster. Shield and heal as needed.
  • Rising Seas – Party-wide AOE damage. Not too harmful.
  • Hydra Pull – Go opposite of the Kelpie when it begins casting this. After a brief delay you’ll be pulled across the arena. If you land in the wall, you’ll take a bunch of damage. You can use Arm’s Length or Surecast to ignore this.
  • Hydra Push – Stand in front of Kelpie when it begins casting this. You will be pushed across the arena when the cast resolves.
  • Bloody Puddle – All Players will be targeted with unavoidable AOEs. After the damage, orbs will spawn and tether to all Players. These need to be kited around the arena or they’ll explode on contact. Don’t let these explode or they’ll inflict Vulnerability Up and do a lot of damage.
  • The arena is limited by the flashing portion along the edges. Do not stand in it.
The Old One uses several unique tricks to impede your passage deeper into Skalla. / FFXIV
The Old One uses several unique tricks to impede your passage deeper into Skalla.

The Old One

  • Mystic Light – Large frontal cone AOE on a randomly targeted Player. Move out to avoid damage.
  • Mystic Flame – Large circular AOE under random Players.
  • Shifting Light – All Players will be transformed into Spriggans.
    • This attack will be used twice. In your Spriggan Form you must use your Duty Action to plant bombs and destroy the tethered Adds. Try to get a little ahead of where they’re floating and plant your bomb. Failure to destroy all of them will result in a massive explosion, likely wiping your party!
    • The first time this attack is used, it’ll spawn 4.
    • The second time The Old One uses this attack, it’ll spawn 6.
Once counsel to the King of Ala Mhigo, Hrodric is now a voracious beast / FFXIV
Once counsel to the King of Ala Mhigo, Hrodric is now a voracious beast

Hrodric Poisontongue

Hrodric was once the counsel to King Theodoric, and a paragon of justice. Unfortunately the Ala Mhigan monarch didn’t see it this way. Accused of treason, he was sealed inside the Drowned City of Skalla, forever to guard Theodoric’s treasures.

  • Rusting Claw – Telegraphed by Hrodric raising his right arm. After a brief delay, he will swipe in a 90 degree cone in front of himself. Be on his flank, rear, or well outside of melee to dodge this attack.
  • Tail Drive – The Boss will raise his tail and after a brief delay swing it behind himself. Be anywhere but behind Hrodric in order to avoid this attack.
  • The Spin – Hrodric will crouch down before doing a centered circular AOE. Move away from him in order to avoid damage and a Vulnerability Up Debuff.
  • Ring of Chaos – a large black and purple ring AOE will appear on a Player. Move to the center of Hrodric’s hitbox to avoid clipping others. Two people can get this mechanic at once, so stack together.
  • Eye of the Fire – A large glowing eye will appear on Hrodric. Look away from him before this cast resolves. Failure to do so will inflict you with berserk, causing you to attack your party members!
  • Cross of Chaos – A Cross-shaped AOE will appear on a random Player. Try to stay still so that your Party can adjust out of the AOE. You’ll be hit with unavoidable damage.
  • Circle of Chaos – Circular AOE on a random Player. Move away from others to avoid clipping them.
  • Words of Woe – This attack is telegraphed by Hrodric turning towards a Player with his head down. After a brief delay, he’ll shoot a laser wherever he is looking. Be on his side or rear to avoid damage and a Vulnerability Up Debuff.

Once you’ve conquered the ruins of Skalla and the beasts inside, open up the final coffer. Hopefully it’ll contain your very own Salt & Pepper Seal Minion!

If not, keep at the grind until you come away with it.

Best of luck!

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