FFXIV: How Do You Get The Shoebill Minion?

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The Shoebill minion is a rare drop from Amaurot, a level 80 instanced dungeon released during the first patch of Shadowbringers. It requires a party of four players, but can also be done with the Trust System: a feature in Shadowbringers which allows you to complete duties with a group of NPCs.

Your gear must also have a minimum item level of 410 to challenge the dungeon.

This minion only drops from the chest that spawns after defeating the final boss of the dungeon.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the Shoebill minion on the Market Board, but prices will vary from server to server.

Shoebill minion perched on a windowsill / FFXIV
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Unlocking Amaurot

Norvrandt Amaurot Screenshot / FFXIV
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Amaurot is a duty unlocked by finishing the level 80 quest entitled “Shadowbringers”, acquired from Alisaie at The Tempest (x:16.5, y:30.4, z:-8.2).

This quest is a part of the Main Scenario Quests, and directly follows the quest entitled “A Greater Purpose”.

Aside from unlocking the dungeon, you’re also guaranteed the following rewards:

  • 22,440 Experience Points and 7,500 Gil
  • Wind-up G’raha Tia Minion
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow Orchestrion Roll
  • Shadowbringers (Achievement), which awards the “Shadowbringer” Title
  • Ability to purchase the Dream Triad Card and Therion Card from The Gold Saucer with MGP

Once the final boss is defeated and the last treasure chest is opened, all players are allowed to roll Need or Greed on the Shoebill. It’s awarded to the player with the highest roll.

Acquiring the minion through good old-fashioned dungeon grinding may prove to be quite difficult, solely due to its random drop rate.

If you want to save the Gil and make sure you get the minion once it drops, it may be best to run the dungeon with your friends, or by using the Trust System.

This will bypass the Duty Finder queue and ensure that all loot that drops goes to you.

With the arrival of Patch 6.0 in December 2021, dungeons from Shadowbringers can now be entered by an Unrestricted Party. So Amaurot can be completed by any number of players ranging from level 80-90.

Farming the dungeon this way may not get you the Experience Points or Gil. But you will be eligible to loot the chests – and that means faster runs if you outlevel it.


Using the Trust System

Trust system menu / FFXIV
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The Trust System can be accessed from the Duty menu.

From here, you’ll be able to choose the duty you wish to enter with the appropriate NPC avatars who’ll play any roles that you need to form a Light Party.


Using an Unrestricted Party

Duty Finder Settings window for Unrestricted Party / FFXIV
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If you’d like to try your hand at soloing the Amaurot dungeon, or running it faster with a few friends at level 90, you can forego the Duty Finder and enter as an Unrestricted Party.

You can do this by entering the Duty Finder menu, then navigating to the Duty Finder Settings.

Make sure that “Unrestricted Party” is checked, and you can also change the Loot Rules for the dungeon if you’re farming it with people from the Party Finder.

With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to add this minion to your collection in no time.

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