FFXIV: How To Get The Silver Dasher Minion

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The Silver Dasher Minion is obtained through Free Company Submarine Voyages. There are three Voyages that have a chance of retrieving this Minion for you:

  • Rogo-Tumu-Her’s Haunt – Rank 72
  • The Devil’s Crypt – Rank 90
  • The Open Robe – Rank 90

The Ranks pertain to the Submersible Level required to attempt these Voyages. You’ll also need good enough statistics, which are affected by what Parts your Submersible is fitted with.

If you lack the ability to receive higher Grade rewards, you’ll be hunting for the Silver Dasher Minion for quite a long time.

The reason for this is that Submarine Voyages take actual days to complete most of the time.

Depending on how far and in what Sector the Voyage is, the more time it can take. So it’s best to outfit your Submarine with the best available parts to maximize rewards.

The other caveat is that these Sectors aren’t unlocked automatically. You’ll need to not only Level up, but unlock them sequentially by exploring lower Ranked Sectors.

The Barrajudah awaits deployment in the Free Company Workshop / Final Fantasy XIV
The Barrajudah awaits deployment in the Free Company Workshop.

Unlocking the Sectors is going to be the most time-consuming part, because it’s generally up to chance. A Higher Surveillance stat helps, though.

You’ll spend a lot of days grinding to eventually get to these later Voyages as well. It helps to know which Sectors you should focus on to unlock them.

So here’s detailed information, including how to unlock the respective Sectors and the rewards for exploring them:


The Devil’s Crypt

Unlock Order:
Deep Sea Site I > Deep Sea Site III > Unidentified Derelict > Central Rimilala Trench > Wreckage of the Discovery I > Deep Sea Site V > Purgatory > Flickering Dip > Wreckage of the Headway > The Upwell > Rimilala Trench Bottom > Sunken Vault > South Isle of Zozonan > Wreckage of the Windwalker > North Isle of Zozonan > Sea of Ash II > Sea of Ash III > Ascetic’s Demise > Sea of Ash IV > Midden Pit > The Open Robe > The Slipped Anchor > Isle of Sacrament > Sea of Jade I > Rogo-Tumu-Here’s Haunt & The Stone Barbs > Tangaroa’s Prow > Sea of Jade III > Sea of Jade IV > Wyrm’s Rest > The Devil’s Crypt

These Sectors all increase in Rank as you go along.

Unlocking them following this order should get you to the necessary Rank to begin Voyages for your Silver Dasher Minion.

The higher Rank the Voyage, the better the rewards.

Spoils Quantity
Benben Stone 1
Tankard 1
Silver Dasher 1
Gold Ore 25 – 29
Truegold Ore 26 – 30
Truegold Sand 25 – 29

The Open Robe

Spoils Quantity
Lightning Crystal 30 – 39
Earth Crystal 30 – 39
Torreya Log 10 – 20
Lignum Vitae Log 21 – 25
White Oak Log 20 – 25
White Ash Log 21 – 22
Sandteak Log 22 – 24
Cryptomeria Log 10 – 15
Cocobolo Lumber 1 – 2
Silver Dasher 1
Meerkat 1
Emerald Boule 1
A Submersible being deployed on a Voyage into the Ruby Sea / Final Fantasy XIV
A Submersible being deployed on a Voyage into the Ruby Sea.

Rogo-Tumu-Here’s Haunt

Spoils Quantity
Silver Dasher 1
Plundered Treasure 1
Pure Titanium Ore 14 – 15
Truegold Ore 20 – 24
Bluespirit Ore 20 – 26
Deep Red Cluster 3
Deep Green Cluster 3
Balsa Wood Lumber 1 – 5
Synthetic Resin 5 – 9

Best of luck with your treasure hunt in the depths!

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