How To Get The Skyslipper Mount (FFXIV Guide)

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You can get the Skyslipper Mount as a drop from the Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage) Raid. This is a Level 80 Raid released in patch 5.05 of the Shadowbringers Expansion.

It’ll require a full Party of 8 to complete, though it can be unsynced currently (as of this writing).

Either way, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with at least the first two phases of mechanics. Not only because you want your farm to go smoothly, but also because failure can cause wipes.

All that said, at Level 90 this fight isn’t too rough.

It’s worth doing, as the Skyslipper Mount itself can hold 4 players.

And it’s actually one of the few Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV that’s capable of this. The others are the Cerberus Mount, and the currently unavailable Regalia Type-G.

So throw up a Party Finder or grab some friends, and you’ll be traversing the skies in no time.

Provided you win the loot roll, that is.


Breaking Down Eden’s Gate

The defeated Sin Eater Eden rests in The Empty of Norvrandt / Final Fantasy XIV
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If you’re wondering where to unlock Eden’s Gate, we’ve got you covered.

First, you’ll need to have completed the Level 80 Main Story Quest “Shadowbringers”. Easy enough.

If that’s out of the way, seek out the Anxious Crystarium Guard (The Crystarium – Crystarium Aetheryte Plaza, X:10 Y:12). He’ll start the Eden Quest Chain with “In the Middle of Nowhere”.

Familiar face Ryne will inform you that she’s sensed a huge swell of Light in Norvrandt’s Empty.

Fearing a second Flood of Light, you’re off to chase down a colossal Sin Eater.

You’ll then get four more Quests:

  • Deploy the Core – Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden’s Gate: Resurrection
  • One Fell Swoop – Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden’s Gate: Descent
  • Not Any Drop to Drink – Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden’s Gate: Inundation
  • Super Seismic – Use the Duty Finder to enter Eden’s Gate: Sepulture

After familiarizing yourself and conquering these four foes, chat with Ryne.

You’ll pick up the Quest “The Next Piece of the Puzzle”.

Chat with her a few times to finish it.

The Warrior of Light remembers Titan as a vehicle / FFXIV
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Now all you need to do is speak with Lewrey (Amh Araeng – Mord Suuq, X:27 Y:16).

He’ll unlock the Savage versions of the Raid you just completed. You’re now ready to farm for your Skyslipper Mount!

And in addition to the Skyslipper, you’ll also receive Books of Sepulture.

This is in addition to the other loot that Titan drops:

  • Edengrace Weaponry
  • Edengrace Chest Armor
  • Eden Minor Minion
  • Skyslipper Key (mount)
  • Landslide Orchestrion Roll

Your Books of Sepulture can be traded for equipment in Eulmore with the NPC Yhal Yal (Eulmore – The Canopy, X:10 Y:11).

Best of luck in your farm!

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