How To Get The Slime Puddle Minion (FFXIV)

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The Slime Puddle Minion is obtained from a treasure coffer inside the Copperbell Mines (Hard) Dungeon. This is a Level 50 optional Dungeon in A Realm Reborn.

Added in Patch 2.1, you’ll be revisiting the Copperbell Mines you explored way back when you were a fledgeling Adventurer. It’s a sidequest, though, and it’s entirely possible you skipped over it.


How To Unlock

To unlock the Copperbell Mines (Hard) Dungeon, you’ll first need to have completed the Level 50 Main Story Quest “The Ultimate Weapon”.

If that’s out of the way, head on over to Mor Dhona.

Hugubert (Mor Dhona, X:22 Y:9) will have the Quest “Out of Sight, Out of Mine”. All you’ll need to do to begin your Dungeon-delving is to then head on over to western Thanalan.

Copperbell Mines / FFXIV
Copperbell Mines

Speaking with Stone Torch (Western Thanalan – Copperbell, X:28 Y:16) will give access to the Hard Mode version of the Copperbell Mines.

The Dungeon isn’t actually all that hard at this point, but it does have a few tricky mechanics.

Most of these can be subverted if you simply unsync the dungeon.

A Treasure Coffer inside the Copperbell Mines / Final Fantasy XIV
A Treasure Coffer inside the Copperbell Mines.

The Slime Puddle Minion isn’t actually from a coffer that drops after a boss. Instead it’s located in one of two coffers located directly before a boss.

Keep your eyes peeled once you enter the final room after the mine shafts.

These will likely contain the Slime Puddle Minion you’re looking for.

Granted, this won’t help you if you end up getting it in a Roulette down the road. No worries though, we’ve got you covered.

You can impress friends and FC Mates with your archaic ARR Dungeon knowledge!


Into A Copper Hell (Dungeon Quick Guide)

The Hecatoncheir Mastermind will light the arena ablaze, causing persistent damage / FFXIV
The Hecatoncheir Mastermind will light the arena ablaze, causing persistent damage.

The Bosses for this Dungeon actually have some rather unique mechanics to them.

As in, you don’t see them in almost any other Dungeon. It’s good to have a grasp on how to resolve them, to avoid the shame of wiping.


Hecatoncheir Mastermind

  • Darkfire – The Boss will use this periodically, lighting a portion of the Arena on fire. This will cause persistent damage to everyone that stands in it. Try to drag the Boss out of the flames.
  • Flambeau – The primary mechanic of this fight are the additional enemies that spawn. Namely, the Flambeau. This Bomb Add must be killed before it reaches the flames or it will wipe the Party. This Add can also be stunned, should the need arise.
The Gogmagolem is nigh-invincible without utilizing the bombs that spawn in the arena / Final Fantasy XIV
The Gogmagolem is nigh-invincible without utilizing the bombs that spawn in the arena.


  • The Gogmagolem will periodically roam around the arena while casting AOEs. It can only be damaged by utilizing Bombs placed around the Arena.
  • Improvised Blasting Device – This is an interactable lever located on one side of the arena. Using it will allow a Waymarker Bomb to spawn, which must then be picked up and placed near the Gogmagolem to damage it. Try to put it down in front of the Boss’s path so it walks into the blast.
    • Make sure you don’t stand near the Bomb when it goes off, indicated by a debuff timer. Place it with roughly 5 seconds left and get away, as the blast will kill you.
  • Kindling Sprites – These adds will spawn and target any Player carrying the Waymarker Bomb, causing them to drop it. Kill them as soon as possible.
  • Once Gogmagolem is destroyed, Biggy will spawn and start causing large bomb AOEs to appear. Simply defeat him quickly and move along.
You previously defeated Ouranos’s son, Kottos / FFXIV
You previously defeated Ouranos’s son, Kottos, in the previous trip to Copperbell. Revenge time!


  • Ouranos’s regular attacks cleave, so if you’re not a Tank don’t stand in front of him.
  • He’ll periodically use a large circular AOE in a point-blank radius around him. This will cause a long slow debuff, which you do not want.
  • Sand Worm – This untargetable Add will spawn along with the message “The abyss worm is looking for fodder”. You or another player has to find a Crystalized Rock and place it somewhere in the sand of the arena. If this isn’t done, the Sand Worm will cast Bottomless Desert, likely killing your party.

After you’ve defeated your generational foe, simply pop the Slime Puddle Minion from your inventory to claim it. Provided you found it in one of the coffers from the Dungeon.

If not, head back in and try not to miss it.

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