How To Get The Striped Ray Mount in FFXIV

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The Striped Ray Mount in FFXIV is obtained from the Kojin Beast Tribe for 12 Kojin Sango. This requires you to be Rank 8 (Bloodsworn) with the Kojin.

Kojin Sango are obtained as rewards for completing Daily Beast Tribe Quests in Tamamizu.

You obtain 1 Kojin Sango per completed Quest.

The real grind here is that you’ll need to complete Quests to bump your Rank. The Kojin don’t just go handing out free Striped Rays to anyone. You’ll get 60 Reputation for each, needing a total of 1,730.

Going from Rank 1 (Neutral) to Rank 8 (Bloodsworn) will take you 31 days of Quests.

That means staying on top and knocking out all three regularly. Luckily by the end of it you’ll have plenty of Kojin Sango for your Striped Ray (and other treasures).

Not to mention all the Experience and Tomestones you get from completing these! A great way to level up alternate Jobs or kill time in long duty queues.


Being a Hero to The Half Shell

The Kojin Reliquary of Tamamizu / FFXIV
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To start your path towards your aetherically-enhanced Striped Ray, you’ll need to complete a few Quests.

The first requirement is to have completed the Stormblood Main Scenario Quest “Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out”.

This is a level 63 Quest that will see you liberating the fishing village of Isari.

It’s not quite as exciting as battling the Lord of the Revel you did prior to it. But once you’ve aided the villagers in need and spoken with your companions, you’re all set.

And before you head to Yanxia, you can unlock the Kojin Beast Tribe.

Find the Vexed Villager (The Ruby Sea – Isari, X:7 Y:13) to begin the Quest “Heaven-sent”.

Off in search of his missing daughter, you’ll find yourself on the shores of the Sakazuki. Find the Overconfident Kojin (The Ruby Sea – Sakazuki, X:28 Y:31) and aid him against his enemies.

Once done, you’ll be sent off to meet with Kabuto (The Ruby Sea – Tamamizu, X:34 Y:20). This completes the Quest and unlocks the Kojin Beast Tribe.


Finding Treasure In The Deep Ruby Sea

Performing the Kojin Ritual Prayer near Susano’o’s Altar / FFXIV
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Along with the Striped Ray, there’s several other rewards to be won from the Kojin.

You’ll have plenty of Kojin Sango to spend after your month of grinding anyways.

And the Tribe offers the following in exchange:

Item Rank Cost
Zekki Grouper Friendly 1 Sango
Amber Jack Friendly 1 Sango
Venture Friendly 1 Sango
Gyuki Leather Trusted 3 Sango
Ruby Cotton Cloth Trusted 3 Sango
Wind-up Kojin Respected 5 Sango
Stuffed Kojin Honored 3 Sango
Indomitable Orchestrion Roll Honored 3 Sango
Kabuto of the Blue Sworn 9 Sango
Oyoroi of the Blue Sworn 9 Sango
Kote of the Blue Sworn 4 Sango
Tsutsu-hakama of the Blue Sworn 4 Sango
Sune-ate of the Blue Sworn 4 Sango
Ballroom Etiquette – Heathen Bloodsworn 3 Sango
Striped Ray Conch Bloodsworn 12 Sango
Kojin Vendor Permit Allied 1 Sango
Wind-up Redback Allied 5 Sango
Zephyrous Zabuton Allied 5 Sango

The Allied Rank items actually require a bit more work. You’ll need to have achieved Rank 8 with all Stormblood Beast Tribes before any of that is available.

Upon doing so, you’ll get a series of Quests to unlock Allied for all Stormblood Tribes.

But The Striped Ray Conch is what you’re looking for, and using it will reward you the Mount.

Best of luck in befriending the Kojin!

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