How To Get The Tyrannosaur Horn & Mount in FFXIV

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The Tyrannosaur Horn (and the Tyrannosaur Mount) is obtained rarely from Anemos Lockboxes. Anemos Lockboxes themselves are only obtained in The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos.

Specifically, inside Eureka you’ll receive Lockboxes any time you defeat a Notorious Monster.

Those familiar with FFXI will recognize this type of beast.

Notorious Monsters have various methods by which they’re spawned inside Eureka. Some require you to slay a particular enemy repeatedly, while others require special weather conditions.

Each time the condition is met, the NM has a chance of spawning. You’ll be playing a whole lot of these for Lockboxes, as the Tyrannosaur Horn is exceedingly rare.


Finding Your Way To The Forbidden Land

The Lockpick awaiting a work order in Eureka Anemos / FFXIV
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In order to step foot into The Forbidden Lands of Eureka, you’ll need a few things.

First and foremost, you’ll need to be Level 70 and have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”.

With that done, make your way to Galiena (Rhalgr’s Reach, X:10 Y:12) and accept the Quest “And We Shall Call it Eureka”.

A short trip to Kugane to meet with Krile, and she’ll direct you to “The Craftsman” (Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14).

This turns out to be your old friend Gerolt, kettle-crafter extraordinaire.

From here, you may now speak with Expedition Ferryman Rodney at any time to enter Eureka.

Nice and easy.


Exploring The Forbidden Land

The Notorious Monster Caym, feared for its wicked gaze / FFXIV
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Once you’re inside Eureka, it can be hard to get your bearings.

It’s a largely unique piece of content, reminiscent of FFXI’s Dynamis. So much so that many of the rewards are directly from XI itself, such as the iconic Speed Belt or Scorpion Harness.

Eureka functions on an Elemental System called the Magia Board.

To defeat monsters you’ll need to attack with their opposing element. In addition, you can set your defense to the same affinity of enemies to reduce damage.

You’ll also notice that while synced to iLvl 300, your character Level will reset to 1. This is your Elemental Level, and it caps at 60. Your Level determines how much damage you deal and take in Eureka, much more than usual.

A disparity of 5 levels almost assuredly means imminent death.

Now that you’re familiar with the system, follow the Quests inside Eureka and begin exploring the wilds.

Your primary goal (aside from getting that dinosaur) will be to spawn Notorious Monsters.

Defeat them for massive Elemental Experience and Lockboxes.

There are tons of NMs to spawn, so find yourself a Group and get to monster slaying.

Feel free to experiment with different areas or just look up a guide. Can’t really go wrong here, just get to adventuring.


What’s In The Box!?

The Wind-up Fafnir Minion, complete with miniature Balmung / FFXIV
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In the seemingly never-ending battle against RNG in MMOs, you’re going to be opening a lot of Lockboxes. Like a whole lot.

I hope you appreciate fireworks and having no inventory space.

Every Anemos Lockbox has a relatively large loot table.

Below is a list of possible rewards from your (sometimes) precious Lockboxes:

  • Anemos Glamour Sets
  • Orchestrion Rolls (No Quarter, Wicked Winds Whisper)
  • Minions (Wind-up Mithra, Wind-up Fafnir, The Prince of Anemos)
  • Red Mage Chocobo Barding
  • Furnishings (Sharlayan Wardrobe, Sharlayan Cabinet)
  • Grade V & VI Materia
  • Clear Demimateria I, II & III
  • Cracked Cluster (Exchanged for any Grade VI Materia of your choice).
  • Fireworks (Gridanian Sparklers. Yay)
  • Eurekan Potion (40s heavy Regen on self, great for staying alive.)
  • Allagan Platinum Piece
  • Tyrannosaur Horn

There’s quite a variance in prizes, so just keep opening them until you get your prized dinosaur.

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