How Do You Get The Wee Ea Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Wee Ea Minion in FFXIV is obtained for 400 Bicolor Gemstones in the Ultima Thule. Specifically, the NPC N-1499 (The Ultima Thule – Base Omicron, X:31 Y:28) will offer this Minion for sale.

Added in Patch 6.0 of the Endwalker Expansion, you’ll actually have to do a bit of work in order to gain access to it.

N-1499’s Vendor inventory is tied to the Shared FATE System, first introduced in Shadowbringers. This means you’ll need to complete a large number of FATEs in the Ultima Thule Zone in order to unlock all his wares.

Specifically, you’ll need to be Rank 3.

Each Rank requires a different amount of completed FATEs.

  • Rank 1 unlocks immediately
  • Rank 2 unlocks after completing 6 FATEs
  • Rank 3 requires a whopping 60 FATEs!
The Omicrons of the Ultima Thule are the last remnants of Omega’s World / FFXIV
The Omicrons of the Ultima Thule are the last remnants of Omega’s World.

Each FATE you complete will reward you with the Bicolor Gemstones you need for the Wee Ea Minion.

So as you work your way towards Rank 3, you’ll just simply need to set 400 or so aside.

The other bit of good news is that while you’re grinding out all these FATEs you have a chance to spawn the World Boss Chi. Its FATE “Omicron Recall: Killing Order” not only allows you to earn 86 Bicolor Gemstones, but also Chi Bolts should you win. Twelve Chi Bolts can be traded for your very own Level Checker Mount with Nesvaaz (Radz-at-Han, X:11 Y:10)!

With that in mind, N-1499 does carry some other unique items along with the standard Grade IX & X Materia. His full list is:

Item Rank Cost (Gemstones)
Dynamis Crystal 1 2
Ultima Thule Riding Map 2 70
Close in the Distance Orchestrion 3 350
Wee Ea Minion 3 400
Nekropolis Table 3 100
Ea Triple Triad Card 3 200
Chi Triple Triad Card 3 300
The Mare Lamentorum, seal of the ancient Primal Zodiark / FFXIV
The Mare Lamentorum, seal of the ancient Primal Zodiark.

If anything else, that orchestrion is absolutely worth it. That is, if you haven’t gotten sick of the song by the time you’re done grinding FATEs. Which is entirely possible considering you’ve got to do so many.

Once you’ve brought peace to the ends of the galaxy, the Wee Ea Minion will be yours!

Best of luck in your grind.

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