How To Get The White Whittret Minion (FFXIV)

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The White Whittret Minion is a rare drop from the Dungeon Hells’ Lid. The Minion has a small chance of appearing in the final Coffer after defeating Genbu.

This Dungeon was added in Patch 4.2 of Stormblood, and is part of the Four Lords sidequests. So it’s entirely possible you haven’t unlocked it, as it’s completely optional.

This Level 70 Dungeon can be completed unsynced, solo even, but is much quicker with a full Party. Especially if that party is composed of Blue Mages.

From there all you’d need to do is win the Loot Roll, should the White Whittret Minion drop.

First and foremost, you’ll need to unlock Hells’ Lid.

It requires completion of a very short sidequest, and further unlocks Dungeons and other Trials in Stormblood.

Rushing into the Hell’s Lid of the Ruby Sea / Final Fantasy XIV
Rushing into the Hell’s Lid of the Ruby Sea.

The Quest An Auspicious Encounter begins the Four Lords Questline of Stormblood. It won’t appear unless you have completed the Patch 4.2 Story, up through Hope on the Waves.

Sorobon (The Ruby Sea – East Othard Coastline – Isari, X:6 Y:16) is the NPC you’re looking for. A quick trip to the Southern Ruby Sea’s volcanic shores, and you’re ready to go.

Hell’s Lid unlocks immediately. Following completion of the Dungeon, you’ll also unlock the The Jade Stoa Trial. But we’re after a weasel, not a tiger.


Into The Mouth of Hells’ Lid We March

The Otake-maru is your first trial before entering the deeper reaches of Hells’ Lid / Final Fantasy XIV
The Otake-maru is your first trial before entering the deeper reaches of Hells’ Lid.

Hell’s Lid doesn’t have too many surprises in store for the new adventurer.

It does have lava-spewing walls and a pair of chimeric mini-bosses, though.

No worries, you’ll feel right at home while grinding for your White Whittret. Because you’ll know exactly how to topple these auspicious encounters:



  • 100-tonze Swing – Unmarked circular AOE for massive damage and knockback around Otake-maru. When he grasps his club with both hands, get away from him.
  • 10-tonze Slash – A wide cone-shaped AOE targeted at a random member of your Party. If he’s looking at you, move to the side.
  • Volcanic Debris – Several rocks will continue to fall from the sky, targeting random spots in the arena. Keep moving!
  • Liquid Carapace – A DPS will be targeted with an AOE which leaves behind a pool of Lava. The Lava will inflict burns on anyone who touches it.
  • Stone Cudgel – Otake-maru will jump to one of the weapons which fall to the ground, dealing AOE damage. He will follow this with either a Swing or a Slash.
Kamaitachi is actually the true form of the White Whittrey Minion! Much less adorable / Final Fantasy XIV
Kamaitachi is actually the true form of the White Whittrey Minion! Much less adorable.


  • Whipping Whittret – A Cleaving Tankbuster. This has no cast bar and is instant so be ready to mitigate and heal. Also a great idea is to stay away from the Tank.
  • Circling Winds – A large donut-shaped AOE will occur around Kamaitachi. Try to stay near the Boss during this fight to avoid the damage and a Vulnerability Up debuff.
  • The Patient Blade – a 180-degree Cleave on either side of Kamaitachi. Another good reason to try and stay near them at all times.
  • Rolling Winds – Causes a line AOE directly in front and behind the Boss. Get to its flanks to avoid this attack.
  • Whisper in the Wind – Kamaitachi becomes untargetable, summoning four Tsumuji-kaze Adds. It will then telegraph three dashes with a large glowing yellow line. Defeat the Adds, and try to stay out of the path of the lines.
  • Late Harvest – This is the name of the Boss’s dash attack.
  • Reaper’s Gale – The spot where Kamaitachi’s dash ends will cause a large circular AOE.
Genbu of the Four Lords is your final trial, standing between you and your White Whittret / Final Fantasy XIV
Genbu of the Four Lords is your final trial, standing between you and your White Whittret.


  • Caduceus – Instant Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Hell of Water – Cross-shaped AOE. Inter-cardinals are safe.
  • Hell of Waste – Targeted circular AOEs on each Player. Don’t overlap these.
  • Sinister Tide – A series of arrows will appear on the ground of the arena. A wave will then proceed through each, following the path of the arrows. Either go to a spot the arrows don’t point to, or dodge into the first AOE.
  • Hell of Waves – Party-wide AOE with a stun and a knockback.
  • Divine Cataract – Genbu locks himself inside a Chelonian Gate, channeling his Focus Meter. You must destroy the Gate while avoiding AOEs from glowing floor sections. Failure to do so will wipe the Group.

Everything from there is a big repeat. Pretty simple all-in-all!

And after that, just open the coffer and pray to RNG that it contains the White Whittret Minion. And, of course, that you have a good Roll should others be hunting for it.

Best of luck in your grind!

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