How To Get The Wind-up Fran Minion (FFXIV)

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The Wind-up Fran Minion can only be obtained as a bonus item with the Collector’s Edition of Shadowbringers. You’ll need to register your game on the Mog Station first, then you’ll receive it via in-game Mail.

From there, all you need to do is use the item in your inventory to permanently acquire your Minion.

Simply a must-have for fans of Final Fantasy XII!

There is currently no other way to earn this Minion in FFXIV. So you’ll need to purchase the Collector’s Edition or a digital upgrade to get it.

The upgrades do go on sale from time to time, so keep an eye on the Mog Station for the option.

Fran and Ramza in the ruins of the Orbonne Monastery / Final Fantasy XIV
Fran and Ramza in the ruins of the Orbonne Monastery, beckoned by the Auracite.

And funny enough, Fran actually isn’t as out-of-place as you’d think in Eorzea.

You’ll actually encounter her as part of the Stormblood Raid Series “Return to Ivalice”. This was a sort of re-telling of the Zodiac Brave Story from the classic Final Fantasy Tactics.

During the Quest “The City of Lost Angels” you encounter Fran who hopes to claim the Auracite, with hopes of repelling Garlean invaders in Dalmasca.

Thankfully she comes to her senses, and instead opts to help you prevent the return of the High Seraph Altima.

Fran also served as the introduction of Viera to the playerbase. They would become a playable race in the Shadowbringers Expansion.


Collector’s Consolation Prizes

The Grani emits a flowing cape when it takes to the skies / FFXIV
The Grani emits a flowing cape when it takes to the skies.

The Wind-up Fran is also an Account-wide Minion.

This means that you can use it on each of your characters!

This makes the upgrade cost a bit more reasonable. And you’ll also receive a few other items to sweeten the deal: like the Grani Mount and Revolver Gunblade.

Everyone loves a good Squall cosplay / Final Fantasy XIV
Everyone loves a good Squall cosplay.

Squall’s Revolver Gunblade from FF8 will let you live out your 1999 final fantasies in-game.

Pictured above, it goes with the Leonheart set to complete your cosplay.

The Leonheart set can be acquired as a Veteran Reward after accumulating 330 days of playtime. This is either through consecutive months, or if you purchase a longer subscription all at once. So you could get it quickly by loading up on game-time early. Jonathas (Old Gridania – Apkallu Falls, X:11 Y:6) will have the set for purchase once you meet the requirement.

All in all, the rewards end up being well worth the price.

Especially if you manage to snag a discount!

Wind-up Fran Minion close-up preview / Final Fantasy XIV
The Wind-up Fran Minion
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