How Do You Get The Wind-up Herois Minion? (FFXIV)

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You can get the Wind-up Herois Minion from completing the Level 90 Main Story Quest “Endwalker”. This is the final Quest of the Main Story added in Patch 6.0.

So you don’t have to worry about missing out on this particular Minion.

Once the Song of Oblivion has been sung, you’ll venture off towards the Ultima Thule.

Arriving in the Ragnarok, at the end of the universe, you’ll see all the remnants of destroyed Worlds. A realm constructed of pure Dynamis where emotions shape reality.

After overcoming Meteion’s repeated insistence that resistance is futile, you’ll have to overcome the Endsinger.

This is the first of two Trials you’ll need to complete to get your Wind-up Herois Minion.

  • “The Final Day” is a Level 90 Trial. It requires a Full Party of 8 Players and an item level of i540.
  • This is followed by a Solo Trial, where you’ll face your arch-nemesis Zenos yae Galvus.

Both can be a little tough if you’re newer, so be prepared.

Conquer both and the Minion is yours after the credits roll.


The Endsinger’s Greatest Hits

Preparing to battle the Endsinger atop Shinryu / FFXIV
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Being the final Boss of Endwalker, The Endsinger has quite a few tricks up her wing.

Knowing what you’re in for will make this a much more pleasant experience.

Her mechanics are as follows:


Phase 1

  • Elegeia – Raid-wide AOE which spawns planets which circle the arena. Watch for the slower circling planet, as it will cause a large explosion on the side of the arena when they collide.
  • Galaxias – The Endsinger drops a meteor in the center of the platform, causing a knockback. Position yourself mid to avoid being thrown off the platform. You can also use Arm’s Length or Surecast.
  • Elenchos – This particular attack comes in two flavors.
    • Her mouth will glow purple, signaling a line AOE down the center of the platform. Move to the sides to avoid damage.
    • Her eyes will glow purple and tears will run down her face, signaling the sides are unsafe. Move center to avoid damage.
  • Death’s Embrace – Players are targeted by narrow cone AOEs. Spread apart and don’t overlap or you’ll take lethal damage.
    • This attack also spawns “Feathers of Despair”. These adds will cause a small aoe to explode wherever they land. Move away from them to avoid it.
  • Aporrhos – The Ensinger summons four faces along the outside of the arena. Each will fire a line AOE. Position between them along the edge to avoid damage.
  • Hubris – This is a double Tankbuster, on both Tanks. It’s also an AOE, so it must be positioned away from the Party. Heal and heavily mitigate.
  • Elegeia Unforgotten – A Raid-wide AOE followed by the spawning of Planets. Once again, watch the slower planet to avoid its explosion. This is followed by Endsinger reconstructing the Planet and another set of explosions.
  • Fatalism – This is what will trigger the secondary Planet explosions. Be mindful of the outside of the arena and get away.
  • Ekstasis – The Endsinger drops multiple AOEs on the platform, which will spawn heads. These heads will then cause another set of AOEs. Position at the edge in a cardinal to avoid damage.
  • Interstellar – The Endsinger will disappear and reappear in a different position. She will then fire a large line AOE through the platform. Players are also targeted with large circular AOEs, which need to be spread out.
  • Nemesis – All players will be targeted by a small circular AOE. Spread to avoid overlapping damage.
  • Planetes – Transition to Adds phase, no damage.

Add Phase

A few notes here:

The Endsinger spawns Kakodaimon, which serves as the DPS Check of the fight.

The Despair Bar will appear in your Duty List.

The Kakodaimon must be defeated before it fills.

  • Meteor Radiant – Planets spawn outside of the arena, and signal where they’ll fall with a flashing arrow. Move away from the spot the arrow lands to avoid damage.
  • Meteor Outburst – All players are targeted with an AOE, spread to avoid damage.
  • Ultimate Fate – This is cast by The Endsinger once the Add has been defeated. It must be mitigated with a Tank Limit Break. Use the Limit Break roughly 2~3 seconds before the cast of Ultimate Fate to ensure safety.

Ultimate Fate is cast a second time after the first, but it can’t be mitigated or stopped.

From here you’ll move into the last part of the fight.


Phase 2

  • Telos – Simple Raid-wide AOE. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Telomania – A series of repeating mechanics, executed until The Endsinger is defeated.
    • Part 1 is a series of four cleaves over the arena, which need to be mitigated and healed.
    • Part 2 is another raid-wide AOE similar to Telos but doesn’t require much mitigation.
    • Part 3 is a series of puddles spawning under Players. Simply move out of them to avoid damage.

Congratulations, you’ve stopped the Song of Oblivion. Unfortunately you have one final challenge to overcome to get your Herois Minion!


Zenos Battle Guide

Final duel at the end of the universe between Warrior of Light and Zenos / FFXIV
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After having flown to the ends of existence to challenge you, it’s only fitting to settle your rivalry.

Your duel with Zenos begins, and you’re granted six “Sparks of Hope”.

This buff will revive you if you’re defeated, consuming one of the six charges.

There are a couple mechanics in this fight that will consume a Spark, so do be careful. A lot of the damage in this fight is unavoidable – although having a massive regen buff helps.

Zenos has the following attacks at his disposal:


Phase 1

  • Tidal Wave – A large pillar of water will spawn on one side of the arena, with ground AOEs on the opposite side. Stand near the water in order to be knocked over, but outside of the ground AOEs.
    • The AOEs will leave persisting water puddles. Entering one of these puddles grants Fire Resistance Up and Lightning Resistance Down. This is important for the next set of mechanics.
  • Judgement Bolt – A thunder-based room-wide AOE. Do not stand in a water puddle or you will take significantly more damage.
  • Hellfire – A fire-based unavoidable AOE. Stand in a water puddle to avoid major damage.
  • Akh Morn – A series of six unavoidable attacks. You’ll need to be nearly at full HP to survive this. Pop a cooldown or Potion if you need to.
  • Wyrm’s Tongue – This cone-shaped AOE has no visual indicator. It’s telegraphed by Zenos saying “Mine for the taking!” Move to his flank or rear to avoid damage.
  • Nine Nights – Zenos summons his Avatar which causes nine AOEs to appear in the arena. Move to the final AOE of the sequence and dodge into the first to avoid damage.
  • Veil Asunder – Move behind Zenos when he says “A test of your reflexes!” to avoid damage.
  • Exaflare – A ring-shaped AOE followed by several slow moving AOEs that cross the arena. Dodge the ring and then the secondary flares.
  • Diamond Dust – A room-wide AOE which covers the floor in ice, causing you to slide any time you move.
    • During this attack, you’ll also need to dodge several AOEs while sliding around the arena. Use the edges as a starting point to make dodging easier.
    • Dead Gaze is also used during this attack. It requires you to be looking away from Zenos’s Avatar when it goes off, or you’ll be petrified.
Defeating Zenos at the ends of reality (Endwalker) / Final Fantasy XIV
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Phase 2

  • Thorns – This attack is unavoidable, and will take 100% of your HP. It’s why you saved your Sparks of Hope.
  • Aetherial Ray – An unavoidable five hit attack, consuming most of your HP.
  • Silvered Edge – Used immediately after Aetherial Ray, it is also unavoidable. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Swift as Shadow – Zenos will charge forward in a line. If you are hit by this attack, he will follow it with Thorns and kill you instantly. Get out of the way.
  • Candlewick – A large two-part AOE. Move into the outer AOE first then into the center AOE as it explodes to avoid damage.
  • Akh Morn – Same as in Phase 1, with an additional two hits. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Extinguishment – A large circular AOE. The only safe spot is next to Zenos, and this occurs during Akh Morn. Move in to avoid dying.
  • Unmoving Dvenadkatika – A series of 8 cone AOEs. Stand where the 8th appears and move into the 1st to avoid damage.
  • The Edge Unbound – An AOE will occur immediately around Zenos after the previous attack. Move away to avoid damage.

These attacks repeat until you’ve defeated Zenos.

Then you’ll need to mash some buttons to avoid an untimely demise. This is followed by the end credits, and acquisition of your Wind-up Herois.

If you make it this far then congratulations on your new minion, and on completing Endwalker.

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