How To Get The Wind-up Namazu Minion in FFXIV

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The Wind-up Namazu Minion is obtained rarely as a drop from The Lost Canals of Uznair. Added in Patch 4.05 of the Stormblood Expansion, this is a hidden Instance.

The Lost Canals of Uznair can only be entered by deciphering and discovering a Timeworn Gazelleskin Map. These maps are part of the Treasure Hunt Mechanic, and require a party of up to eight players.

The maps themselves are level 70, but the Lost Canals actually sync your level. So it’s best to go in with friends to make clearing them easier.

You can pick up these maps at following locations as a Disciple of the Land:

Class Locations
  • Level 70 Logging – The Fringes – Dimwold, X:9 Y:30
  • Level 70 Harvesting – Yanxia – Doma, X:22 Y:12
  • Level 70 Harvesting – The Peaks – Mount Yorn, X:27 Y:31
  • Level 70 Mining – The Lochs -The High Bank, X:11 Y:17
  • Level 70 Mining – Yanxia – Unseen Spirits Laughing, X:38 Y:20
  • Level 70 Quarrying – The Azim Steppe – Onsal Hakair, X:30 Y:16
  • Yanxia – Plum Spring, X:36 Y:23
  • The Azim Steppe – Azim Khaat, X:23 Y:23
  • The Azim Steppe – Azim Khaat Western Lakebed, X:19 Y:23

Getting Your Minion from The Lost Canals

A similar Treasure Dungeon, the Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghilah / FFXIV
A similar Treasure Dungeon, the Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghilah.

The Lost Canals of Uznair consist of a series of rooms and gates.

Each room has you battling groups of enemies, followed by a seemingly 50/50 choice of the left or right gate.

Each time you clear out a room, you’ll be rewarded with a Coffer. The Coffer can offer various rewards, including you Wind-up Namazu Minion.

The more you progress deeper into Uznair, the better the rewards you’ll receive.

This means it’s far more likely that you’ll get a shot at the Minion the further your luck carries you.

There are seven rooms in total.

But starting at around the fourth room (or higher) you should have pretty good odds.


Alternative Minion Method

The Material Container 4.0 / FFXIV
The Material Container 4.0

The oft-overlooked Grand Company Quartermaster also offers you an opportunity to earn the Wind-up Namazu Minion. This is especially swell if you have an aversion to grinding Maps, or just no friends.

For 20,000 Grand Company Seals, a Material Container 4.0 has a chance of containing any Minion from Stormblood.

This includes the Wind-up Namazu, but also includes painfully rare Minions from places like Eureka such as the Copycat Bulb.

If you’ve got nothing to spend your Seals on, consider this a great outlet. Even if you obtain doubles you can always list them on the Marketboard for some quick Gil.

The Attendee #777 Minion is part Namazu and part Shrine-tender / FFXIV
The Attendee #777 Minion is part Namazu and part Shrine-tender

Although should you be averse to RNG entirely, you could always stop by your friendly neighborhood Namazu Beast Tribe.

At the Rank 4 of this Crafting Beast Tribe, they’ll offer you the Attendee #777 Minion – which does look surprisingly similar to the Wind-up Namazu.

For a mere 7 Namazu Koban, this look-alike could be yours.

It’s the perfect minion to tide you over until you finally get that elusive half cat, half fish.

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