How To Get The Wind-up Sun Minion in FFXIV

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The Wind-up Sun Minion is obtained by exchanging an Elixir with the Magic Pot NPC. It was first added way back in Patch 2.2 of A Realm Reborn, and this particular NPC is quite well-hidden.

Longtime fans of the Final Fantasy series will be familiar with this particular character. It has appeared in some form, usually as an enemy, since all the way back in Final Fantasy V – generally yielding fantastic rewards for obliging its famous command “Gimme an Elixir!”

Lucky for you, this is the case in FFXIV as well.

He offers you your Wind-up Sun Minion for just that price.

The Magic Pot NPC can be found in Western La Noscea – The Isles of Umbra, X:12 Y:37.


Exchanging x1 Elixir For Your Minion

The Ferry Skipper of Aleport in Western La Noscea provides travel to the Isles of Umbra. / FFXIV
The Ferry Skipper of Aleport in Western La Noscea provides travel to the Isles of Umbra.

The earliest you can access the Isles of Umbra is during the Level 42 Main Scenario Quest “The Reluctant Researcher”. In need of Crystals to assist Cid in his Airship endeavors, you’ll be directed there.

Once you’ve stepped foot onto the Isle, simply head to the coordinates in the far Northeast.

Here, you’ll find the Magic Pot.

Simply select the menu command to open its shop.

The Magic Pot patiently awaits any brave Adventurer in the hopes of receiving more Elixirs. / FFXIV
The Magic Pot patiently awaits any brave Adventurer in the hopes of receiving more Elixirs.

The Elixir required for your Wind-up Sun Minion is obtained primarily through Crafting.

It’s a Level 50 Alchemist Recipe requiring the following items:

  • Distilled Water x 1 – Available for purchase from any Material Supplier, such as Jossy (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, X:10 Y:8)
  • Mistletoe x 1 – Level 45 Botany Node (Coerthas Central Highlands, X:23 Y:18)
  • Nutmeg x 1 – Level 40 Botany Node (Eastern La Noscea, X:20 Y:25)

You can also receive one as a reward from the Level 50 Quest “The Three Collectors”. That’s part of the Hildibrand Manderville sidequests, so you should do it regardless.

With Elixir in hand, simply give it up and claim your new miniature celestial body.


Bonus: Exchanging x1 Hi-Elixir For Another Minion

The counterpart to the Wind-up Sun / FFXIV
The counterpart to the Wind-up Sun

While you’re all the way out here, it’s a good idea to bring along a Hi-Elixir as well. This is because in Patch 3.5, Square-Enix added the Wind-up Moon Minion too – given to you for the simple price of one Hi-Elixir.

And this moony nighttime Minion perfectly complements your miniature Sun!

A Hi-Elixir can be crafted by a Level 50 Alchemist as well, albeit with rarer materials. They are:

  • Lime Sulphur x 1 – Purchased from either your Grand Company Quartermaster for Seals or the Ixali Beast Tribe for one Oaknot.
  • Thavnairian Mistletoe – Level 50 Unspoiled Botany Node, Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim, 5 PM Eorzean Time, X:7 Y:11
  • Treant Sap x 1 – Drops from any Treant type monsters in The Black Shroud Zones.
  • Growth Formula Delta x 1 – Level 55 Alchemist Recipe.
    • Trillium Bulb x 1 – Level 50 Unspoiled Botany Node, East Shroud – The Honey Yard, 9 PM Eorzean Time, X:14 Y:23
    • Quicksilver x 1 – Easily purchased at any Material Vendor
    • Rock Salt – Also purchasable at any Material Vendor.

There are also quite a few sidequests that can reward you with a Hi-elixir too, if crafting isn’t your thing.

One final note is that your new Wind-up Sun and Moon Minions, while stationary, can have their elevation adjusted. Simply target the Minion and use the /poke command to have them ascend or descend to various heights.

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