How Do You Get The Yol Mount in Final Fantasy XIV?

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The monstrous Yol Mount in FFXIV is obtained as a reward for completing the Quest “In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave”. This is a Level 65 Main Scenario Quest, available in the Stormblood expansion.

Once you’ve braved The Ruby Sea and crept through Garlean occupation in Yanxia, you’ll enter The Azim Steppe. Home to the Au’ra tribes, you’ll need to gain their trust in order to liberate Doma.

To participate in the Nadaam (a battle for leadership of the Steppe) you must prove yourself.

Accept the Quest from Hien (Azim Steppe, X:11 Y:11) to begin your trial in taming a wild Yol.

To do this, you’ll need to enter and complete the Level 65 Dungeon “Bardam’s Mettle”.


Testing Your Mettle

The massive stone corridors of Bardam’s Mettle / Final Fantasy XIV
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Bardam’s Mettle, much like most other dungeons in FFXIV, is a Duty designed for a Light Party.

You’ll be thwarting hungry wildlife and dodging traps for the large part of it.

The bosses here have a few tricky mechanics, and one is unique in that you can’t even attack it.

Here’s a summary of the bosses, so you’ll be prepared to tame your avian adversary:



Cleave – A frontal cone aoe, simply move out of the way.

Crumbling Crust – After a quick cast, 4 successive AOEs will appear around Garula. Keep moving as these can stack and cause quite a bit of damage.

Rush – Garula will mark a Player other than the Tank and begin casting a line AOE. You need to distance yourself from Garula to reduce the incoming damage.

Earthquake – Immediately after Rush, Garula will stun all Players. Beasts marked with an exclamation point will then begin casting. The type of Beast determines the attack.

  • Ram: Straight line AOE, always occurs.
  • Coeurl: Large frontal cone AOE, will appear in the second cast.
  • Kukurul: Small circular AOE, will appear in the third cast.
The imposing Bardam itself, preparing to test your reflexes / FFXIV
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Bardam itself can’t actually be damaged. This fight is purely a mechanical trial.

Knowing how to keep yourself safe will allow you to pass with ease.



Phase 1:

Magnetism – Pulls all Players to the center of the arena.

Travail – A shockwave mechanic, spawning a large series of circular AOEs. To resolve, stand just outside the inner circle facing away from the center Golem. Enter into the AOE once it disappears, while still facing away from the center.

Empty Gaze – The Golem will begin casting this during both Travail and Spears. You must not look at the Golem when the cast finishes, or you will fail the challenge.

Spear Charge – Spears will spawn along the edges of the arena. You must dodge three sets while avoiding Empty Gaze.

Phase 2:

Travail (Lightning) – Pillars will spawn around the arena. One Player must stand in each Pillar to dodge the attack.

Travail (Firestorm) – All Players are marked and fiery rings will drop periodically where they are standing. Everyone should spread out and run clockwise, as the rings persist after dropping.

Heavy Strike – a 270 degree frontal cone AOE. You must retreat behind the Golem in order to avoid it.

Starfall – Creates 4 large circular AOEs which leave Shards in the Arena. Simply dodge and take note of the North and South shards.

Phase 3:

Looming Shadow – A large meteor will appear in the center of the arena. This attack has an extremely long cast-time. It requires you to hide behind the fallen shards to avoid it.

Travail (Summon) – Destroys the East and West fallen shards.

Magnetism + Spear Charge + Heavy Strike + Shockwave – A combination of attacks from the previous phases. This series of attacks will destroy one of the remaining shards, either North or South. Take note of which remains and dodge towards it, since that is the safe spot for the meteor.

At least one Player must survive all mechanics of each Phase. If not, you will need to repeat the trial.

Yol’s Wings of Destruction / Final Fantasy XIV
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Phase 1

Feathercut – A frontal cleave Tankbuster.

Wind Unbound – Group-wide AOE which also spawns orbs along the outer arena. Orbs will periodically fire line AOEs.

Flutterfall – Everyone will be marked, spread out to avoid overlapping damage.

Eye of the Fierce – A gaze attack which will confuse all Players looking at Yol when the cast finishes. Turn away or you’ll be murdering each other.

Corpsecleaner Eagle – Yol retreats and will spawn two adds in succession. Yol will periodically dash from outside of the arena as well. Don’t stand in front of them.

Phase 2

Wingbeat – Marks a Player with a green arrow, knocking them to the outer edge of the arena. AOEs will constantly be present along the edge, so run back to center.

Wings of Destruction – Pictured above, Yol becomes untargetable and its wings will glow purple. Both wings will need to be destroyed before Yol can be attacked directly.

Once you’ve quelled this bird’s rage, return to Hien and claim your newly-tamed Yol Mount.

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