How Do You Reset Chocobo Skills in FFXIV?

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You can reset your Chocobo’s skills by feeding them a Reagan Pepper, which you can get from your Grand Company quartermaster for 48,000 company seals, or from any of the Hunt Billmasters for 20 Allied Seals.

In FFXIV, Chocobos are vital assets.

Especially for players who enjoy solo adventuring.

Chocobos can basically be set up to serve whatever purpose your character needs – whether that’s tanking, healing or good old damage dealing. They can also act as an extended inventory, and serve as your very first mount!

One of the great things about Final Fantasy XIV in comparison to other MMOs is the freedom, in my opinion.

Want to swap to another job? Just do it. No need for an army of alts – you can keep it all on one character.

This does come with some downsides, though. If you’re playing a couple of different jobs, you may need to carry around multiple sets of armor.

Yellow chocobo in its stable / FFXIV
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You may also need to rejig your chocobo’s skill set to get the most out of them.

If you’re trying to level a healer, it might be more beneficial to have your feathered friend take on a tanking role.

If you’re tanking or dealing damage, you might want them on hand to heal you when needed.

Luckily your chocobo can do it all – but you’ll need to acquire an item called a Reagan Pepper to refund all those skills and redistribute them.

These peppers can be acquired from two different sources, and most players should be able to quickly get their hands on one.


How Do You Get A Reagan Pepper?

Reagan Peppers can be acquired from two locations:

The first is your Grand Company’s quartermaster. Pictured below is the quartermaster for The Maelstrom, located in Limsa Lominsa.

If you’re with the Twin Adders, you’ll have to head to Gridania.

If you’re with the Immortal Flames, head to Ul’dah!

The Maelstrom Quartermaster Screenshot / FFXIV
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Reagan Peppers can be purchased from these GC vendors for 48,000 Company Seals. This seems like a lot, but you earn Company Seals by breathing in Final Fantasy XIV, so most players probably have a decent amount just sitting around.

It’s definitely not chump change, though.

It might take you a little while to farm enough this way, so make sure you definitely want to change your chocobo’s skills before investing.

But the second way you can also acquire Reagan Peppers is from Hunt Billmasters.

These are located in all three major cities, and you can see the Gridanian one in the picture below.

Gridania Hunt Billmaster NPC Location / FFXIV
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Purchasing a Reagan Pepper from a Hunt Billmaster costs 20 Allied Seals.

This currency is a bit more valuable and harder to obtain than Company Seals, but it requires far less to get your Pepper.

So if you can take this option then it’s probably the most expedient.

Reagan Pepper Item Menu Details / FFXIV
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How To Use A Reagan Pepper

Luckily, you don’t need to have access to a Chocobo Stable in order to do this.

Raising your Chocobo requires you to have access to a Stable via your personal home or Grand Company – and obviously not everyone has one of those!

So the Reagan Pepper can just be used directly from your inventory like any other consumable item.

Nice and easy!

You can further customize your Chocobo via the use of “barding” items, acquired from multiple sources, and even adjust the color of your mount by feeding it certain foods.

Please note that everything covered in this article only applies to the default Grand Company Chocobo you receive from the quest “My Little Chocobo”.

You won’t be able to apply any of this to other Chocobo mount variations you might acquire.

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