How Do You Summon Your Chocobo in FFXIV?

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Completing the “My Little Chocobo” quest will reward you with the ability to ride mounts and an important item – the Chocobo Whistle.

You’ll encounter a fair few Whistles on your travels. These are typically consumable items that can be used to permanently add a mount to your collection.

The Whistle will disappear after use, but the mount will be permanently bound to your character.

Standing with chocobo mount in rain / FFXIV
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The Chocobo Whistle will be deposited in your standard inventory.

Simply use it from your inventory and the Chocobo will be added to your mount collection.

Next, you want to open your Mount Guide via the subcommand menu.

This can be achieved by simply clicking on it if you’re playing on PC, or by pressing X on your controller and navigating to the appropriate menu.

Chocobo 'Mount Guide' Menu in FFXIV
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From the Mount Guide you’ll be able to see your new Chocobo as though it were a skill button.

You can mount your Chocobo and ride it from this screen.

For added convenience, you may want to click and drag the Chocobo to a hotbar.

This way you can access it with a simple click or button press without navigating to the Mount Guide every time.


How To Summon Your Chocobo For Battle

Obviously you’ll need to have added the Chocobo to your mount collection before using it in combat.

You’ll also need to have reached level 30 and completed “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, which will run you through the basics of fighting alongside your companion.

But you can’t summon your Chocobo for battle through the Mount Guide.

You’ll need to use a consumable item called Gysahl Greens from your inventory for that.

I’d suggest buying a stack of Gysahl Greens and keeping them on hand. Your Chocobo can fulfill a number of combat functions, and cover a lot of your job’s weaker areas in the place of another player.

If you frequently play solo, summoning your Chocobo for battle can be super beneficial.

Gysahl Greens Item Menu in FFXIV
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Gysahl Greens can also be mapped to a keybind/hotbar for convenience. Just click and drag like you would with a skill shortcut!

As long as you’ve got Gysahl Greens in your inventory, you’ll be able to summon your Chocobo with a simple click.

Unfortunately, the Chocobo is the only mount in the entire game you can summon in this way.

It’s not likely that Square Enix will add any more, either.

And that’s essentially all you need to know about summoning your Chocobo, whether you want to ride it or fight with it – so make use of this classic Final Fantasy companion!

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