What Are Invulnerability Moves in FFXIV?

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Invulnerability moves, also commonly referred to as “invuln” moves, are tank abilities that prevent you from taking damage for a short amount of time. Every tank has one such move, but they’re all slightly different from each other.

These moves are best used in emergency situations, like when all your other damage mitigation skills are down and a tankbuster is on its way. The cooldown on invuln moves are pretty high, so use them sparingly.

Here’s a quick look at every tank job’s invuln ability:

Job Ability Level
Warrior Holmgang 42
Paladin Hallowed Ground 50
Dark Knight Living Dead 50
Gunbreaker Superbolide 50

How Does Each Invulnerability Move Work?

Gunbreaker Using the Huh Emote / FFXIV
Gunbreaker Using the Huh Emote

While every invulnerability move will prevent your tank from dying during its duration, they all work in slightly different ways.

It’s good to know how exactly each move works, especially if you’re a healer, so that you can keep your tank alive after their invulnerability wears off.


Holmgang (Warrior)

Holmgang Animation / FFXIV
Holmgang Animation

While this ability is active, the Warrior will still take damage, but their HP cannot be reduced to 0. So if you take enough damage during this ability’s duration, your HP will remain at 1 instead of being knocked out.

Targeting an enemy while activating Holmgang will prevent them from moving with a chain.


Hallowed Ground (Paladin)

Activating Hallowed Ground / FFXIV
Activating Hallowed Ground

This is the most straightforward of all the invulnerability skills.

You simply won’t take damage while Hallowed Ground is active.

The damage displayed on screen every time you are attacked during Hallowed Ground will be shown as “0”.


Living Dead (Dark Knight)

Living Dead Animation / FFXIV
Living Dead Animation

In contrast to Paladin’s Hallowed Ground, this ability is the most complicated invuln move.

If your HP is reduced to 0 while Living Dead is active, you will not be KO’d. Instead, you will gain the “Walking Dead” status for 10 seconds.

While under Walking Dead, your HP will not be reduced to 0, and landing weaponskills or spells will heal you.

If you are healed for an amount equal to your maximum HP during Walking Dead’s duration, your status will change to “Undead Rebirth”. If you don’t reach this heal amount during Walking Dead, you will be knocked out.

Undead Rebirth will also prevent your HP from dropping to 0 and lasts for the remainder of your Walking Dead duration.


Superbolide (Gunbreaker)

Activating Superbolide / FFXIV
Activating Superbolide

This ability works a lot like Hallowed Ground, but with the added side effect of making your healer panic. You’ll be invincible for 10 seconds while Superbolide is up but it will reduce your HP to 1 upon activation.

Make sure to get at least some healing before Superbolide’s effects wear off.


Should Invuln Moves Be Used With Macros?

Astrologian Giving a Thumbs up / FFXIV
Astrologian Giving a Thumbs up

Though not a hard rule in the community, using macros with your invuln is a big help to the party.

With all the flashy moves showing up on your screen during a dungeon or raid, it’s easy to miss a tank’s invuln ability animation.

Using macros will alert healers to adjust accordingly and signal the DPS to try and pick up the pace by sending a message through chat when a skill is activated. You can even include an audio cue to make it more noticeable.

To make a macro, open your menu and go to the User Macros section. Select a slot, then you can type in something like this:

Macro for Living Dead / FFXIV
Macro for Living Dead
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