What Does Journeyman Salvager Do in FFXIV?

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The Journeyman Salvager is a housing NPC that players can acquire in Final Fantasy XIV. It can be used in your house or apartment to re-purchase items collected from Seasonal Events and specific quest rewards.

So let’s say you’ve finally scaled the seemingly impossible Final Fantasy property ladder and scored yourself a house. Or given up and gotten an apartment (man, this is all too close to reality).

You probably already know that you can customize your living space to a pretty dramatic degree with the amount of housing options on offer.

But one of the considerably more practical benefits of having a place to call your own is the ability to employ NPCs.

These come with one-time costs:

You just have to buy a permit, and then you place them in your new pad like you would a piece of furniture.

Try not to linger too much on the modern day slavery implications of that, but for a relatively low cost you can basically have a retinue of staff at hand to attend to all your needs.

The Journeyman Salvager is probably one of the most useful NPCs you can employ at your estate, but you may never need to use it.

It all depends on how gung-ho you are when it comes to managing your inventory.


What Does The Journeyman Salvager Do?

The Journeyman Salvager basically allows you to buy back any one-off rewards you’ve accidentally disposed of.

XIV is constantly rewarding you with new items.

Since the job system enables players to cover multiple roles on one character, you often end up carrying a lot of them around at once. And you can easily misplace one-off items acquired from quests or events when you eventually get around to clearing out your inventory.

This is where the Journeyman Salvager NPC comes in.

For example: I’d lost a ton of gear earned by job quest rewards, which left me on the back foot with my Dragoon (who I’d abandoned when I decided to become a tank).

Thanks to the Journeyman Salvager, I could buy it all back for a nominal fee.

You can also use it to recover lost Seasonal Event items.

These events reward you with unique themed items, like clothing and furniture that can’t be bought elsewhere.

If you’ve accidentally disposed of something and you want it back, check out the Journeyman Salvager!

The list of items you can potentially purchase from the Journeyman Salvager is much too long to include here.

But if you’re curious, you can find a full list of its inventory on this page.

And obviously, you won’t be able to purchase an item unless you’ve already completed the quest/event necessary to unlock it in the first place.

Buying The Journeyman Salvager Permit in FFXIV
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How Do I Get The Journeyman Salvager?

To place a Journeyman Salvager in your estate/apartment you’ll have to purchase the Journeyman Salvager Permit from a vendor.

This will either be from the Apartment Merchant if you’re in an apartment, or the Independent Sutler at your relevant housing district.

The Sutler can provide you with all your housing NPC needs.

Once you’ve acquired the Journeyman Salvager Permit, you just need to place the item in your house.

The Salvager can then be moved like any other piece of furniture, so you’ll be able to fit it in with your décor however you like (or just stick them out of the way somewhere.)

The Journeyman Salvager will vary in appearance based on what race and gender you choose for them.

But unlike retainers, you can’t customize every aspect of their appearance.

So make sure you pick one you like!


How To Avoid Using The Journeyman Salvager

It’s not the largest inconvenience in the world, but you might not want to have to rely on the Journeyman Salvager.

Luckily there are a ton of other ways to manage your inventory so you don’t lose these things in the first place.

Do you carry around equipment for glamour purposes?

Get it out of your Armoury Chest and into the Dresser/Armoire in an inn room. You can permanently transform the item into a glamour appearance by storing it there, which keeps it safe from accidental sale.

Do you carry around multiple sets?

Arrange them using the Gear Set options available in the character window. If an item belongs to a saved gear set, it’ll be marked with a list icon in the inventory screen so you can’t accidentally sell it.

You can also make use of your retainers to store items you don’t want to use right now.

They’ve got inventories just like yours that you can use to keep items safe and out of the way.

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