Where Do You Farm Karakul Skin in FFXIV?

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Karakul skins are farmed from ornery karakul, which are level 35 to 39 mobs that are found in the Coerthas Central Highlands. These guys look like small, round, black sheep.

There are three spots on the map where these mobs can spawn, and they’re all fairly near the Aetheryte in Camp Dragonhead.

The first spot is at (X:21, Y:16), along the path west of the Aetheryte that heads towards the entrance to Ishgard.

The second area is found just outside Camp Dragonhead to the south at (X:26, Y:20).

Head to the southeast corner of the map near the area marked “Griffin Crossing” and you’ll find the third spot that’s inhabited by the ornery karakul at (X:29, Y:31).


Any Other Sources Of Karakul Skin?

Downy Dunstan in Final Fantasy XIV
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There is a level 36 FATE that pops up between the 2nd and 3rd areas mentioned above called “Baa Baa Black Sheep” (X:27, Y:24).

This FATE spawns the Notorious Monster “Downy Dunstan”, which looks like a much larger ornery karakul.

While Downy Dunstan also drops karakul skins, spawning from a FATE would make it an inconsistent source of the item.

Karakul skins are also dropped by Mad Karakul Ewes and Mad Karakul Rams, but these mobs only spawn from level 35 levequests in the Coearthas Central Highlands. The levequests are called “Necrologos: Cinerary Rite” and “Meat and Bleat”. Both of these quests are given by Cimeaurant at (X: 26, Y:28).

Of course, if you don’t have the time to farm ornery karakul (or if you have some extra gil) then you can just buy the skins off the market board.


Why Farm Karakul Skins?

Alchemist Crafting Lanolin / FFXIV Screenshot
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Karakul skins are used in a level 40 Alchemy recipe to make a reagent called lanolin.

To craft one piece of lanolin, you would need x1 karakul skin along with x5 water shards.

Since the recipe is so simple, it works well as a good option for leveling your alchemist.

Lanolin are also used for a handful of different recipes for weavers, carpenters, and alchemists.

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