FFXIV Krakka Root: What Does It Do & How Do You Get It?

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Krakka Root is a consumable in Final Fantasy XIV that can be used to train your Chocobo companion. You can get a small amount of it from quest rewards, or grow it yourself.

Krakka Root, unlike some other Chocobo food options, does not bestow a useful buff to your feathered friend.

But don’t worry, you’ll soon find plenty more beneficial ways to round out your companion’s diet.


How Do I Get Krakka Root?

You’ll be rewarded with five Krakka Root for completing the sidequest “Bird in Hand”.

This level 30 quest follows on from “My Little Chocobo” and “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, the quests which unlock your first mount and the ability to have them fight alongside you.

As a quick note, it’s well worth making use of your Chocobo, especially if you play solo. They basically act as another party member and can tank mobs for you in the overworld.

If you want more Krakka Root besides the first five, you’ll have to grow it yourself.

But you will need to have access to your own player/Free Company housing to do this, and you can purchase the seeds from material vendors in the various housing estates.

If all else fails, just head to your nearest Market Board and pick some up.


What Can I Use Krakka Root For?

Let’s quickly run through the available Chocobo foods and the favorite system.

It’s important to understand this as a whole if you’re looking to make your companion as strong as possible.

These are your food options, and the buffs they can bestow:

Curiel Root (Companion EXP Up, effect increased if favorite)
Sylkis Bud (Companion Attack Up, effect increased if favorite)
Mimett Gourd (Companion Healing Potency Up, effect increased if favorite)
Tantalplant (Companion Maximum HP Up, effect increased if favorite)
Pahsana Fruit (Companion Enmity Up, effect increased if favorite)
Krakka Root (No effect)

As you can see, Krakka Root is the only food option that doesn’t bestow a buff.

So what’s the point in it?

Chocobo stable outside apartments in FFXIV
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Well, once you’ve unlocked the ability to stable your Chocobo via your own personal house or Free Company estate, you can stable the bird and feed it every hour to gain EXP.

This allows your Chocobo to progress even when you’re busy or offline.

Better still, you can get fellow Free Company members to feed it when you’re not around.

Feeding your Chocobo the same food ten times in a row will establish that item as its favorite food.

Favorite foods provide a stronger buff when they’re used outside of the stable.

Depending on your job, you might want your Chocobo to be stronger in certain areas. So if you’re a ranged class, you’ll want the enmity buff. If you’re a tank, you might want better healing or damage.

Once you’ve established your Chocobo’s favorite food, feeding it something else will basically overwrite it.

You’ll have to start again with a new favorite, and you’ll lose access to the stronger tier buff.

Krakka Root does not impact favorite food status.

So if you’ve got the buff you love and you don’t wanna lose it, Krakka Root is the way to go.

There’s also something else to consider.

Obviously, once you’ve established a favorite food you don’t really benefit from the buff if you’re feeding it to a stabled companion.

You probably want to save your stacks of food for when you actually need them.

So Krakka Root is a great filler food for stable feeding.

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