How To Unlock The Lali-Ho Emote in FFXIV

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Lali-ho is an emote that’s unlocked by completing the level 70 side quest “Learning to Lali-ho”. This quest is part of a quest line that involves the dwarves you meet in the town of Tomra during the Shadowbringers main scenario.

The first quest in this line is called “A Disagreeable Dwarf” and it’s obtained from Beott in Kholusia (X:12.4, Y:9.2). This is a level 70 side quest that also rewards you with an aether current when completed.

“A Disagreeable Dwarf” becomes available after completing the level 78 Main Scenario Quest “Meet the Tholls”.

To use the lali-ho emote in-game, simply type /laliho into your chat bar and hit send.


Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Ronitt in Kholusia / FFXIV
Ronitt in Kholusia
  1. Complete the level 78 Main Scenario Quest “Meet the Tholls”
  2. Complete the quest “A Disagreeable Dwarf” from Beott in Kholusia (X:12.4, Y:9.2)
  3. Complete the quest “Almost a Friend” from Ronitt in Kholusia (X:13.5, Y:8.3)
  4. Complete the quest “A Practiced Greeting”, which is also accepted from Ronitt in Kholusia (X:13.5, Y:8.3)
  5. Return to Ronitt once more and accept the quest “Learning to Lali-ho” from him in Kholusia (X:11.0, Y:11.8)
  6. Follow Ronitt back into Tomra, Kholusia (X:12.6, Y:8.6)
  7. Follow Ronitt once again, this time to Kholusia (X:11.6, Y:9.3)
  8. Follow Ronitt a third time just a short way northeast from the Tomra aetheryte at Kholusia (X:13.2, Y:8.8)
  9. Speak with Beott at Kholusia (X:12.4, Y:9.2)

Detailed Lali-Ho Unlock Walkthrough

The Town of Tomra / FFXIV
The Town of Tomra

After you are done with the Main Scenario Quest “Meet the Tholls”, a new quest called “A Disagreeable Dwarf” will become available from Beott in Kholusia (X:12.4, Y:9.3).

This is one of the side quests that reward you with an aether current, but it also kicks off a series of quests about a dwarf named Ronitt.


A Disagreeable Dwarf

Beott with Ronitt / FFXIV
Beott with Ronitt

Upon speaking with Beott, she will welcome you to Tomra with a “lali-ho!”, the traditional greeting of the dwarfs of the First. After you respond with a “lali-ho!” of your own, Beott tells you of her son, Ronitt, who unfortunately has trouble with executing the customary greeting.

As Beott explains to you how Ronitt’s unwillingness to put in the effort to improve his “lali-hos” will eventually lead to him becoming an outcast, she comes up with an idea.

Since Ronitt will likely just end up arguing with the other villagers about proper greetings, Beott asks that you help win her son over.

Head on over to (X:12.8, Y:7.9) on the same map.

Shortly after being introduced to Ronitt, you learn that he has lost his hammer.

Beott explains that this hammer is actually a family heirloom and they should help Ronitt find it by asking around the village. The first villager you need to speak with can be found at Kholusia (X:12.6, Y:8.6), while the second villager is at Kholusia (X:11.6, Y:9.2).

The second dwarf you speak with actually has Ronitt’s hammer and asks that you return it to him. Speak with Ronitt at (X:13.4, Y:8.2) to finish the quest.


Almost a Friend

Almost a Friend Cutscene / FFXIV
Almost a Friend Cutscene

This quest starts with Ronitt at Kholusia (X:13.4, Y:8.2).

Though a bit taken aback by you still hanging around, Ronitt decides to show you one of his automata.

When the automata responds to Ronitt’s greeting by replicating his half-hearted “lali-ho”, the Warrior of Light shows a confused look on their face.

This upsets the young dwarf and asks that you run one of his errands to help smooth things over. Take some coal and bring it over to Xemutt in Kholusia (X:13.1, Y:8.8).

Xemutt will also ask for some help with a minor task and proceed to share some things about Ronitt. After you are done helping Xemutt out, head back to Ronitt at (X:13.4, Y:8.2) and speak with him to finish the quest.


A Practiced Greeting

Ronitt Being Attacked / FFXIV
Ronitt Being Attacked

This quest can be started by returning to Ronitt at his usual spot in Kholusia (X:13.4, Y:8.2). When you speak to him, he’ll acknowledge that you are now his friend and listens to your suggestion of working on his greeting.

To get started on this, the young dwarf decides to practice his “lali-ho” on a monster that resembles a person.

Travel to Kholusia (X:17.3, Y:15.2) and you’ll find Ronitt looking to greet a talos.

Ronitt ends up insulting the talos instead of greeting it, prompting it to chase our new friend a short distance to the west. Follow the pair to Kholusia (X:13.3, Y:15.6) and defeat the now hostile talos.

After dealing with the talos, Ronitt expresses his frustrations and runs off. Catch up with him at Kholusia (X:11.0, Y:11.8).

When you find Ronitt, target him and use the rally emote by entering /rally into your chat bar. This will prompt the cutscene that concludes the quest.


Learning to Lali-ho

Learning to Lali-ho Cutscene / FFXIV
Learning to Lali-ho Cutscene

This next quest will be available immediately after completing the previous one with Ronitt still at Kholusia (X:11.0, Y:11.8). Right at the start of the quest, Ronitt will tell you that he is ready to try and greet the other dwarves in Tomra with a “lali-ho”.

Follow Ronitt back into the village and watch his first attempt at greeting another dwarf at Kholusia (X:12.6, Y:8.6).

After watching his first attempt, continue to follow him and watch his second attempt at Kholusia (X:11.6, Y:9.3).

Walk over to Kholusia (X:13.2, Y:8.8) to watch a short cutscene of Ronitt’s third attempt at greeting a villager.

After watching the cutscene, go to Beott in Kholusia (X:12.5, Y:9.2) to complete the quest and earn the “lali-ho” emote.

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