What is a Levekit in Final Fantasy XIV?

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Levekit is a term used in Final Fantasy XIV to refer to packages of crafted or gathered items sold on the marketboard. They’re used to power level the Disciples of the Hand/Land jobs by allowing players to instantly fulfill the hand-in requirements of Leves, which are repeatable quests that reward players with handsome experience bonuses.

The idea of a Levekit is that you could complete Levequests faster by purchasing all the items you need, rather than going out and finding them yourself.

So with Levekits you can complete Leves faster, and by extension you’d gain levels a lot faster too.


The Basics Of Levequests

Crafting and gathering experience is primarily attained by, well, crafting and gathering.

This is done by picking up your tools, heading out into the world, chopping down a couple (hundred) trees, and hoping you can pick up a few high quality items along the way. Then you’d head back home, scour the marketboard for the components you can’t make/find yourself, and craft a few spears, shields, jackets or… flying beds, sometimes.

It’s rewarding, but extremely time consuming.

And for some players, efficiency is the name of the game. This is where Leves (and possibly Levekits) come in.

Every hour you spend grinding out materials is an hour you could be spending on something else. And it can start to feel like progress is incredibly slow.

You can mix things up by fulfilling crafting/gathering Leves across the world.

These are repeatable quests that challenge you to go out and gather a certain number of one specific item. Then once you’ve collected enough, you’d turn that into the quest giver – referred to as Levemetes – for generous experience rewards.

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There are four different types of Leves: Grand Company, Battlecraft, Fieldcraft, and Tradecraft.

Battlecraft Leves are combat-oriented and can be done in groups with scaling difficulty levels.

Grand Company Leves are similar to Battlecraft, but must be undertaken alone, and provide smaller gil/experience rewards. Their function is primarily to reward players with Grand Company Seals, a currency that can be exchanged at your Grand Company headquarters for rewards.

If you want to use Levekits for leveling or profit, you’ll want to take a look at the remaining two types, Fieldcraft and Tradecraft (for gathering and crafting, respectively).


How Do Levekits Speed Up Leveling?

Completing Leves as Yoshi-P intended would follow the same process every time.

Get a Leve from a quest-giver, then either craft the required item(s), or go out and gather them.

This can be extremely time consuming, especially for crafters, who also have to source all their components for their objective. This is going to cost both gil and time.

But here’s the thing – the quest isn’t specifically to gather or craft the items. You just need to hand them in.

So you can save yourself a bunch of time by heading to the nearest marketboard and just buying the items, which are often selling in huge stacks.

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Pick up a bunch of Leves, sprint to the marketboard, buy all the items you need to hand in, and bam – you’ve probably just gained a load of levels in no time at all.

On my journey from 1-80 on my Botanist, I couldn’t understand why the Mahogany Logs I gathered would regularly sell faster and in higher quantity than anything I gathered at later levels.

I wasn’t aware of Leves at the time, or that many players expedited them by simply buying the items and turning them straight in.

Once I’d locked on to that, it became easier than ever to profit from my time collecting materials.


Can I Profit From Selling Levekits?

The short answer is yes, and I’ll run you through the basics of what that involves here.

Fully maximizing and understanding the ins and outs of selling Levekits is probably going to require a bit of independent research based on what you want to make or gather.

As soon as you’ve got yourself a retainer, you’re ready to start selling on the market.

If you want to make a serious amount of gil, you’ll need to put some time in to get those crafting and gathering skills up to a respectable amount first.

Some jobs work in fantastic harmony with each other – for example, Botany obviously compliments Carpentry very well, as you can gather the vast majority of your own crafting components.

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Chances are, unless you level up every single job, you won’t be able to do it all by yourself. So you might need to turn to friends or the marketboard for the rest.

But that initial outlay can often reap big rewards.

So rather than spread yourself too thin, find one area you enjoy to focus on and make the most out of it.

Once you’re established and making gil there, you can start thinking about branching out!

This is where you’ll want to do a bit of research to understand what items are going to be the most profitable for your time. Luckily this fantastic spreadsheet has collected all of the items required for basically every Leve in the game in, all one easy place.

Take a look and see what they need, and you’ll have a basic understanding of what you need to make.

Profiting isn’t always as easy as simply knowing what to craft or gather, though.

Every server will have thousands of players like you, cashing in on making leveling easier.

So before you waste time gathering, check out the marketboards and see what prices and quantities items are selling at. This should allow you to make more informed decisions on what to spend your time on.

Every server will be different in this regard, and smart players will constantly be monitoring sale prices to undercut their rivals.

Stay on top of that, and you’ll be well on your way to wealth.

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