FFXIV Magicked Prisms: What Do They Do & Common Uses

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Magicked Prisms are consumable items in Final Fantasy XIV. They create glittering, temporary illusions to add a touch of whimsy to in-game celebrations.

“This peculiar contraption creates illusions by weaving together myriad shades of light. Produces a pair of seraphic wings.”

– The Magicked Prism (Wings) item description

There’s a lot of fancy words in here, but it’s really just window dressing on a very simple concept.

Use this Magicked Prism, for example, and your character will have glowing wings for a short period of time.

Before you start dreaming of cat boys soaring through the clouds, Magicked Prisms are purely cosmetic.

If you want to fly, you’ll still need to jump on a mount.

Some prisms resemble fireworks, some will display a symbol, sparkle, or spread confetti.

If you’ve been adventuring for a long time and feel like you haven’t had enough panache in your life recently, pop a Magicked Prism.

It’s impossible to feel down with a pair of angelic wings or a miniature fireworks display.

There’s a wide array of Magicked Prism options, too.

They’re all brief but sparkly ways to add a bit of cooler to any situation.

Just downed that tough raid? Confetti, confetti everywhere.

Think of them as consumable emotes.

Whether or not Magicked Prisms are worth your time is purely down to you.

You might be reading this desperate to find out where you can get your hands on some. Or you might already be wondering how much you can sell the damn things for.

There’s not a ton of information to cover for Magicked Prisms, but we’ll cover the basics below.


How Do I Get Magicked Prisms?

Magicked Prisms can be acquired from a variety of sources.

An easier question to ask would be “how can I avoid getting Magicked Prisms?”, and the answer would be “stand in Limsa Lominsa doing nothing for hours”.

And even that option isn’t entirely safe.

Someone would probably assume you were down and attempt to trade you 99 Magicked Prisms to cheer you up.

Trading in some pieces of the Accursed Hoard from Palace of the Dead? Magicked Prisms.

Adventuring through Eureka? Prisms.

Bozjan Front? Prisms.

You’ll usually be handed a bunch of them when the game hasn’t given you a more tangible reward (like hairstyles, minions, etc.) and doesn’t want you to feel as though you’ve totally wasted your time.

Magicked Prisms also cannot be bought and sold on the Market Boards, which is probably a good thing.

The sheer quantity of them would drown out everything else. We’d be getting our gear delivered covered in the things.

You’d have to clean them off with a lint roller.

Magicked Prism Hatching-tide preview in FFXIV
Image source by Kurgan Nazzir / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Are Magicked Prisms Useful?

Do you enjoy having your Grand Company’s symbol floating overhead for ten seconds?

Then… yes.

In terms of practical gameplay application, no, not really.

You can sell them to vendors for a pittance, or shoot off some fireworks at an inappropriate time.

Magicked Prisms are basically your consolation prize when you don’t get the good stuff from completing an activity.

If you haven’t picked up on my attitude with this already, I’m not the biggest fan of Magicked Prisms. Some of them are cool, sure, and there are some similar consumables like the Party Popper and giant novelty champagne bottles that should just be regular emotes.

But most of the time you see a Prism, you were hoping for something better, and as a result they just become inexplicably intertwined with a feeling of disappointment.

I might just be bitter, though. I’ve seen some players get tons of joy out of a quick Magicked Prism use.

If it brightens up someone’s day for a second, who am I to be salty?

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