FFXIV Mahogany Logs & Lumber (Locations + Uses)

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Mahogany logs are pieces of lumber that can be gathered from mature trees by botanists who are at least level 36. Mature trees that produce mahogany logs can be found in Raincatcher Gully, an area in Eastern La Noscea. To get here you’ll want to:

  • Teleport to the aetheryte in Wineport, and then
  • Make your way to (X:19.1, Y:25.7) to the southwest

Most of the monsters you’ll find in the immediate area are level 32 cork bulbs.

They aren’t aggressive, so they should let you go about your business without issue.

However, there are level 33 Gigantoads in a nearby stream who won’t be as welcoming should they find you in their territory. Be sure to have your “Sneak” ability up to avoid any confrontations with these toads.

Other methods of obtaining mahogany logs include levequests, voyages, and ventures.

But picking up your hatchet and gathering them yourself is the most efficient way of farming them.

Lv40 Mature Tree Node Screenshot / FFXIV
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Mahogany Logs via Retainer Requests

If you have botanist leveled, then you have the option to set your retainer to botanist as well.

Your current level on any one class is the maximum your retainers can achieve on that particular class.

Having your retainer as a botanist lets you send them out to gather items you would normally find logging or harvesting. These are called Botany Exploration Ventures, and this allows you to select specific items for your retainer to collect.

The option to gather mahogany logs becomes available when your retainer reaches level 37 on botanist.

Botany exploration ventures last 60 minutes, but this can be reduced by having retainers attain even higher levels in botany.

In that time, retainers can bring back between 15-to-50 logs, depending on their perception stat.

Voyages follow a similar concept, except instead of sending out NPCs that are under your employ, a Free Company will send out either an airship or an aquatic submersible.

Voyages deployed to “Sea of Ash 1” have a chance of collecting 20 to 21 mahogany logs.

You can take advantage of both of these options to maximize your farming efforts while living the life of an adventurer in Eorzea.


Mahogany Logs From Levequests

Carline Canopy screenshot / Final Fantasy XIV
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Mahogany logs can potentially be given out as rewards from certain level 40 levequests.

There are two NPC’s that can assign these levequests:

  • Voilinaut in Whitebrim Front, Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12.6, Y:16.8)
  • Gontrant in the Carline Canopy in New Gridania (X:11.8, Y:13.4)

And here’s a list of levequests that have a chance of rewarding you with mahogany logs:


  • A Winning Combo
  • Ready for a Rematch
  • The Turning Point


  • Greenstone for Greenhorns
  • Spin It Like You Mean It
  • The Arsenal of Theocracy

These are all tradecraft leves that can be taken up by the carpenter class.


Making Things with Mahogany

Riviera Counter close-up screenshot / FFXIV
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There are two crafting recipes that use mahogany logs, both of which are under the carpenter class:

  • Black-and-white Interior Wall
  • Mahogany Lumber

You can make the “Black-and-white Interior Wall” housing item if you like, but the primary use of mahogany logs is to craft mahogany lumber.

The recipe for mahogany lumber is learned as a level 39 carpenter, and it requires:

  • 5 wind shards
  • 3 mahogany logs

There’s also a chance of obtaining mahogany lumber through treasure hunting with boarskin or toadskin treasure maps.

Mahogany lumber is used in numerous recipes for every Disciple of the Hand class (except for culinarian).

Most of these items are furnishings, such as the Riviera Counter.

But mahogany lumber can also be used to make other things like tools, weapons, and shields.

The total list includes over 100 recipes, and you can see them all on this page.

But other than crafting, mahogany lumber can also be used to complete the level 45 carpenter tradecraft levequest “You Do the Heavy Lifting”, which is given by our good friend Gontrant in New Gridania.

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