How To Unlock the Manderville Mambo Emote (FFXIV)

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The Manderville Mambo emote is unlocked as a reward for completing the quest “Don’t Do the Dewprism”. This is the final quest in the “Even Further Hildibrand Adventures” quest line.

You can begin this line of quests if you’ve done the Heavensward Hildibrand Quests and the level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”. After these prerequisites are met, speak to the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man in Kugane (X:10.6, Y:9.8) to accept a quest called “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East”.

Once you’ve completed “Don’t Do the Dewprism”, you can perform the emote by typing /mmambo or /mandervillemambo into your chat bar.


Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

Hildibrand Quest Graphic / FFXIV
Hildibrand Quest Graphic
  1. Complete the level 60 quest “If I Could Turn Back Time”
  2. Complete the level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”
  3. Complete the quest “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East” from the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man in Kugane (X:10.6, Y:9.8)
  4. Complete the quest “Life Imitates Art Imitates Life” from Nashu Mhakaracca in Kugane (X:11.7, Y:8.8)
  5. Complete the quest “Of Wolves and Gentlemen” from Shigure in the Ruby Sea (X:38.1, Y:38.1)
  6. Complete the quest “In the Eye of the Hingan” from Shigure in Kugane (X:13.2, Y:13.2)
  7. Complete the quest “The Blade Mislaid” from Shigure in Kugane (X:10.0, Y:7.8)
  8. Complete the quest “The Black Heart Beneath” from Shigure in Kugane (X:12.5, Y:8.1)
  9. Complete the quest “Good Swords, Good Dogs” from Hildibrand in Kugane (X:12.1, Y:5.9)
  10. Accept the quest “The Past Is Never Past” from Nashu Mhakaracca in Kugane (X:10.5, Y:8.1)
  11. Clear the level 70 trial “Kugane Ohashi”
  12. Complete the quest “Don’t Do the Dewprism” from Hildibrand in Kugane (X:11.7, Y:8.8)

Detailed Unlocking Walkthrough

Hildibrand in Make Up / FFXIV
Hildibrand in Make Up

The Hildibrand quest line is a long-running series in FFXIV that has new additions to the story in every expansion except for Shadowbringers. So, in order to start with the Stormblood leg of Hildibrand’s adventures, you’ll need to complete Stormblood’s base MSQ and the Hildibrand quests for Heavensward.

Once you’re ready, head on over to Kugane to speak with the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man at (X:10.6, Y:9.8) to begin the quest “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East”.


A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East

Nashu in the Far East / FFXIV
Nashu in the Far East

After accepting this quest, you’ll find Nashu in Kugane to search for Hildibrand. You will then question some of the residents of Kugane to help Nashu in her search.

This part of the quest requires you to speak with 3 NPCs in Kugane at the following locations:

NPC Location
Kyusen Kugane (X:12.0, Y:10.3)
Amaji Kugane (X:9.3, Y:8.3)
Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man Kugane (X:10.9, Y:8.5)

When you’re done questioning the people of Kugane, speak with Nashu a couple more times and the quest will be completed.


Life Imitates Art Imitates Life

Akebono in a Cutscene / FFXIV
Akebono in a Cutscene

This next quest is actually quite similar to the first one. After accepting it from Nashu in Kugane (X:11.7, Y:8.8), you are tasked with questioning even more citizens of the city, targeting wealthier NPCs this time around.

You can find these NPCs at the following locations:

NPC Location
Byakudan Kugane (X:11.3, Y:9.9)
Uraki Kugane (X:10.5, Y:10.0)
Preening Pundit Kugane (X:13.9, Y:9.8)

After speaking with these citizens, talk to Nashu at (X:11.4, Y:11.8). When the cutscene with Nashu is done, make your way to (X:13.1, Y:13.2) to speak with Shigure.

After the next cutscene ends, you’ll be prompted to search for Shigure. You can find him at the Short Pier in Kugane (X:9.1, Y:12.6).

To finish the quest, travel to the Ruby Sea and speak with Shigure one more time at (X:38.2, Y:38.2).


Of Wolves and Gentlemen

Of Wolves and Gentlemen Cutscene / FFXIV
Of Wolves and Gentlemen Cutscene

The next quest in the Hildibrand quest line is started by talking to Shigure at the Ruby Sea (X:38.2, Y:38.2). This quest will have you speak to a series of NPCs in order to find the Wolf Burglar.

Simply follow the quest markers for this part of your adventure and enjoy the cutscenes. The quest ends with Shigure in Kugane (X13.2, Y:13.2).


In the Eye of the Hingan

Hildibrand and Nashu / FFXIV
Hildibrand and Nashu

Here, you’ll continue to help Shigure in his search for the Wolf Burglar. Speak with Shigure in Kugane (X:13.2, Y:13.2) to start the quest.

This is another straightforward quest where all you need to do is speak with NPCs at the designated locations. It ends when you speak to Shigure back in Kugane at (X:10.0, Y:7.8).


The Blade Mislaid

Daigoro in a Cutscene / FFXIV
Daigoro in a Cutscene

You can accept this next quest immediately after completing the previous one by speaking to Shigure again. He’ll be in the same spot at in Kugane (X:10.0, Y:7.8).

This quest also continues the trend of simply following the markers to speak to certain NPC’s. It ends with Shigure once again, this time at Kugane (X:12.5, Y:8.1).


The Black Heart Beneath

Nashu in a Cutscene / FFXIV
Nashu in a Cutscene

With this next quest, we’re back to interrogating the citizens of Kugane. Speak to Shigure at Kugane (X:12.5, Y:8.1) to begin.

Here’s where you can find the NPCs for this quest:

NPC Location
Byakudan Kugane (X:11.3, Y:9.9)
Keisestsu Kugane (X:11.1, Y:8.9)
Preening Pundit Kugane (X:12.0, Y:9.9)

After speaking to these NPCs, follow the quest markers to interact with Shigure and the Wolf Burglar. The quest ends when you speak to Shigure at Kugane (X:12.1, Y:6.0).


Good Swords, Good Dogs

Daigoro and Hildibrand / FFXIV
Daigoro and Hildibrand

The next quest can be started by speaking to Hildibrand at Kugane (X:12.1, Y:6.0). You’ll need to interrogate more NPCs, but this time you’ll be questioning the pirates of Sakazuki in the Ruby Sea.

Here’s where you can find the pirates:

NPC Location
Ihaki The Ruby Sea (X:31.3, Y:35.9)
Confederate Shipwatch The Ruby Sea (X:30.1, Y:37.1)

Speak with Hildibrand at The Ruby Sea (X:27.4, Y:30.8) after the cutscene plays.

To finish the quest, return to Kugane and talk to Hildibrand again at (X:10.4, Y:8.2).


The Past Is Never Past

The Wolf Burglar / FFXIV
The Wolf Burglar

Talk to Nashu Mhakaracca to begin this quest. She can be found in the same spot where the previous quest ended at Kugane (X:10.4, Y:8.2).

While talking to Nashu, Hildibrand will run off and you’ll have to go after him. You can find him near the Thavnairian Consulate aethernet shard at (X:12.3, Y:15.0).

After speaking with Hildibrand, a new trial called “Kugane Ohashi” will become available in the Duty Finder. Queue up and defeat Yojimbo in this trial to continue the quest.

With the trial cleared and Yojimbo defeated, your next step is to speak with Hildibrand once again. Next, make your way back to Nashu and she will have you speak to some of the citizens of Kugane one more time.

Here’s where you can find the NPCs for this quest:

NPC Location
Byakudan Kugane (X:11.3, Y:9.9)
Keiten Kugane (X:12.1, Y:12.3)

Return to Hildibrand at (X:10.5, Y:8.1) for a cutscene. After that, speak to him again at (X:11.8, Y:8.8) to complete the quest.


Don’t Do the Dewprism

Don't Do the Dewprism Cutscene / FFXIV
Don’t Do the Dewprism Cutscene

Speak to Hildibrand again at Kugane (X:11.8, Y:8.8) to begin the next quest. This is another one of those quests where all you have to do is follow the markers and speak to the NPCs.

Your final stop will be at Kugane (X:12.3, Y:8.1) to speak with Shigure.

This is the final quest in this chapter of Hildibrand’s adventures, and will reward you with the emote.

Have fun doing the Manderville Mambo!

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