How Do You Get Mist Silk in FFXIV?

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Mist silk can be obtained from coffers that appear from the treasure hunting feature in FFXIV. There are many different maps that can be used for treasure hunting, but the ones you need for mist silk are either the boarskin treasure maps or the leather buried treasure maps.

Desynthesizing pieces of Crescent Moon equipment can also yield mist silk, but you’ll need the silk to even craft them in the first place.

So your only real option for farming mist silk would be through treasure hunting.


Unlocking the Treasure Hunt System

H'loonh NPC in Final Fantasy XIV
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To get started with treasure hunting, you need to complete the blue-marked side quest, “Treasures and Tribulations”.

This quest requires you to be at least level 36 in any class and is given by H’loonh in Eastern La Noscea (X:21, Y:21).

This is a pretty standard quest that requires you to do the usual traveling to a specific area, looking around and killing any threats that may spawn, then reporting back to an NPC.

Once you’ve dealt with all of this and turn in the quest, the NPC will reward you with the actions “Decipher” and “Dig” – two essential skills when setting out to hunt for treasure.


How Treasure Hunting Works

Treasure Hunt Enemy Spawn / FFXIV
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Once you’ve obtained the necessary actions for treasure hunting, you’re going to need a timeworn treasure map.

These maps can be found by Disciples of the Land from gathering nodes that are level 40 and above.

It should be noted that once you obtain one of these timeworn maps through gathering, you’ll be unable to obtain another one through this method for 18 hours. And this is real-life Earth hours and not Eorzean time.

You can also get timeworn maps off of the market board without the 18-hour lockout, but they can get quite pricey depending on the economy of your server.

You should also keep in mind that you’re only allowed one of each type of timeworn map in your inventory at a time – so you’ll need to use a map first before buying another one of the same kind.

When you’re all ready with your map, simply use the “Decipher” action on it.

Doing this will have a window pop up that shows the name of a zone and small portion of its map marked with a red “X”. Now you’ll need to go to that zone and look for the marked area shown in the window.

Once you feel like you’re in the correct area for that treasure, it’s time to use the other action you learned from unlocking treasure hunts – “Dig”.

If you’re in the right spot, the chest will spawn and you’ll hear an audio cue.

Clicking on the treasure chest will then spawn a bunch of mobs that come in waves – and these must be defeated before claiming the contents of the chest. You can tell which monsters are part of the treasure hunt because they’ll have treasure chest icons above their heads.


Where Mist Silk Can Be Found

Timeworn Boarskin Map / FFXIV
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As we’ve mentioned above, timeworn boarskin maps are the ones that spawn chests with a chance of containing some mist silk.

When deciphering these maps, they’ll provide you with an area in any zone from A Realm Reborn outside of the three major cities.

After finding the correct location for the chest, the monsters that spawn will be level 50.

This should be easily soloable with a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic equipped with a full set of Augmented Ironworks gear.

Once you’ve dealt with the mobs and opened the chest, there’s a chance it may also contain an Unhidden Leather Map. This is another treasure map that can be deciphered for another shot at even more mist silk (and other treasures).

Similar to boarskin maps, the unhidden leather maps will take you to ARR zones and spawn level 50 monsters.


What is Mist Silk Used For?

Crescent Moon Nightgown & Cone / FFXIV
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Mist silk is used to craft the Crescent Moon equipment set.

These are pieces of gear that have an item level of 1, so they’re mainly used as glamour pieces.

They’re crafted by level 50 weavers from master recipes.

And there are five items in the set, although two of these are head pieces, and they each go for an average of about 350,000 gil each on my server.

If you don’t have your weaver leveled, you can also sell your mist silk directly on the market board. On my server they currently sell for 316,000 gil apiece.

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