Where Do You Get Moko Grass in FFXIV?

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Botanists can harvest moko grass in Western Thanalan (X:24.3, Y:18.7) at level 11. The gathering points you need to keep a lookout for are called “Lv15 Lush Vegetation Patches”. These vegetation patches are found just outside the settlement with the Horizon aetheryte.

The quickest way to reach this location would be to teleport to Horizon and simply walk out the southeast gate of the settlement.

But Moko grass can also be obtained from completing certain levequests, retainer ventures, desynthesis, or purchased from some NPCs. 40 clumps of Moko grass will also be rewarded to the player upon completing the level 1 Weaver quest, “Way of the Weaver.”

Buying moko grass off of NPCs will definitely be the quickest way to stock up on them, but harvesting them as a botanist would be more cost friendly. The other methods of acquiring moko grass involve a bit of randomness, making them not very efficient.


Purchasing Moko Grass (All Vendor Locations)

Source Type Location Description
Engerrand NPC Vendor Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.7, Y:11.8) Purchased for 2 gil
Fridurih NPC Vendor Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.8, Y:9.6) Purchased for 2 gil
Gigima NPC Vendor Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:13.9, Y:13.2) Purchased for 2 gil
O’rhoyodh NPC Vendor Old Gridania (X:14.4, Y:9.0) Purchased for 2 gil
Pasdevillet NPC Vendor The Pillars (X:7.3, Y:10.7) Purchased for 2 gil
Lv15 Lush Vegetation Patch Harvesting Node Western Thanalan (X:24.3, Y:18.7) Obtained by harvesting
Eustace Levemete NPC Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:12.1, Y:9.1) Potential reward
Graceful Song Levemete NPC Western Thanalan (X:26.1, Y:24.6) Potential reward
Botany Exploration Venture Level 11 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop
Hempen Acton Desynthesis Weaver Recipe Random drop
O’rhoyod / Final Fantasy XIV
O’rhoyod NPC

All of this Moko Grass can also be bought from NPC vendors found in player housing, such as the Ananta Material Supplier and Allagan Resupply Node for the same price.


Levequest Rewards

Graceful Song NPC Levemete / Final Fantasy XIV
Graceful Song NPC Levemete

When accepting certain levequests, there is a chance that the issuing NPC will also reward the player with some moko grass along with the experience points. There are two NPCs that can issue these levequests, Eustace in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:12.1, Y:9.1) and Graceful Song in Western Thanalan (X:26.1, Y:24.6).

Let’s list down the levequests that can potentially reward you with moko grass. Take note that all of these are tradecraft levequests for weavers.

  • Eustace
    • A Taste for Dalmaticae (Level 5)
    • Just for Kecks (Level 5)
    • Not Cool Enough (Level 1)
    • The Adventurer’s New Coat (Level 5)
    • The Unmentionables (Level 1)
    • Trew Enough (Level 1)
  • Graceful Song
    • Burn Me Up (Level 1)
    • Hire in the Blood (Level 1)
    • Long Hair, Long Life (Level 1)
    • This Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things (Level 5)
    • Time for Acton (Level 5)
    • Wiggle Room (Level 5)

Moko Grass from Retainer Ventures

Moko grass can also be obtained by your retainers through botany exploration ventures. In order to assign them this task, your retainer must be a botanist with a level of at least 11.

These ventures take an hour to complete, but this can be reduced down to 40 minutes the higher your retainer’s level is. One venture can yield 15 to 50 clumps of moko grass depending on your retainer’s Perception stat.

A yield of 50 moko grass will be guaranteed if your retainer’s perception is at least 70.


Moko Grass Uses

Player wielding the Ash Shortbow / Final Fantasy XIV
Player wielding the Ash Shortbow

The main use of moko grass is as a crafting material for a few different recipes.

Here are the items you can craft with moko grass:

  • Blank Grade 1 Orchestrion Roll (Level 20 Carpenter)
  • Hempen Acton (Level 8 Weaver)
  • Hempen Work Gloves (Level 7 Weaver)
  • Hempen Yarn (Level 1 Weaver)

Take note that of these items, the Hempen Acton can be desynthesized for a chance to produce more moko grass.

Hempen yarn on the other hand is used to create several pieces of clothing and weapons such as the Ash Shortbow (pictured above).

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