Where Do You Get Mudstone Whetstone in FFXIV?

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Mudstone whetstone can be crafted by level 20 goldsmiths with the following items:

  • 1 wind shard
  • 2 mudstones

It’s used in about 20 different crafting recipes for goldsmiths and blacksmiths. Around half of the items made with mudstone whetstones can also be desynthesized for a chance at obtaining more of them.

Mudstone Whetstone Crafting Details
Job Goldsmith
Level 20
Yield 1
Durability 40
Difficulty 37
Maximum Quality 408
Recommended Craftsmanship 94

Farming Ingredients for Crafting


Wind Shards

Wind Sprite / FFXIV
Wind Sprite

These crystals are mainly harvested from many different gathering points by miners and botanists. Here’s a list of where you can find them:

  • Botanist
    • Lv5 Mature Tree – Central Shroud (X:22.7, Y:17.6)
    • Lv10 Mature Tree – Central Shroud (X:26.3, Y:20.4)
    • Lv15 Mature Tree – Central Shroud (X:20.0, Y:20.2)
    • Lv20 Mature Tree – East Shroud (X:15.3, Y:27.2)
    • Lv30 Mature Tree – Central Shroud (X:24.5, Y:30.7)
    • Lv50 Mature Tree – East Shroud (X:16.7, Y:23.3)
    • Lv15 Lush Vegetation Patch – Central Shroud (X:18.7, Y:19.8) or (X:22.5, Y:23.9)
    • Lv20 Lush Vegetation Patch – East Shroud (X:18.3, Y:28.0)
  • Miner
    • Lv5 Mineral Deposit – Central Thanalan (X:19.0, Y:25.7) or (X:24, Y:26.5)
    • Lv35 Mineral Deposit – Central Shroud (X:13.9, Y:21.8)
    • Lv50 Mineral Deposit – Northern Thanalan (X:22.8, Y:24.3)
    • Lv30 Rocky Outcrop – East Shroud (X:20.4, Y:27.4)
    • Lv40 Rocky Outcrop – Northern Thanalan (X:21.7, Y:27.9)
    • Lv50 Rocky Outcrop – East Shroud (X:18.2, Y:24.7)

Low-level wind sprites (level 4-9) can also drop wind shards when they’re defeated. These can be found scattered around an area called “Cedarwood” in Lower La Noscea. The quickest way here would be to travel to Limsa Lominsa, take the Tempest Gate exit (via the aetheryte) then travel northeast.



Rocky Outcrop in Western La Noscea / Final Fantasy XIV
Rocky Outcrop in Western La Noscea

The quickest ways to get mudstones would be through mining, hunting golem-type enemies, or purchasing them from NPCs.

Miners can find mudstones in Lv20 Rocky Outcrops in Western La Noscea (X:26.1, Y:24.2) in an area called Skull Valley.

If you choose to go hunting for golems, here is where you can find them:

  • Clay Golem (Level 26) – North Shroud (X:17.0, Y:28.0)
  • Sandstone Golem (Level 29) – Southern Thanalan (X:22.0, Y:12.0)
  • Basalt Golem (Level 34) – Outer La Noscea (X:15.0, Y:16.0)
  • Crater Golem (Level 43) – Central Shroud (X:9.0, Y:18.0)
  • U’Ghamaro Golem (Level 49) – Outer La Noscea (X:26.0, Y:4.0)
  • Limestone Golem (Level 55) – The Churning Mists X:8.0, Y:13.0)

Buying mudstones will cost the player 31 gil each from Material Supplier NPCs found in one of the residential districts at the following locations:

  • Lavender Beds, Gridania (X:11.9, Y:8.3)
  • Mist, Limsa Lominsa (X:11.0, Y:11.4)
  • The Goblet, Ul’dah (X:10.9, Y:8.9)
  • Shirogane, Kugane (X:10.5, Y:12.2)

Crafting with Mudstone Whetstones

Goldsmiths' Guild / FFXIV
Goldsmiths’ Guild

As we’ve mentioned earlier, blacksmiths and goldsmiths can craft many different low-level tools and accessories with mudstone whetstones.

Let’s list them here:



  • Initiate’s Head Knife (Level 19)
  • Iron Culinary Knife (Level 21)
  • Iron Scythe (Level 21)
  • Initiate’s Culinary Knife (Level 25)
  • Initiate’s Scythe (Level 25)
  • Iron Round Knife (Level 25)
  • Iron Head Knife (Level 29)
  • Silver Head Knife (Level 30)
  • Vintage Bastard Sword (Level 35)
  • Vintage Viking Sword (Level 38)


  • Coral Ring (Level 21)
  • Brass Needle (Level 22)
  • Brass Spoon Lure (Level 23)
  • Initiate’s Needle (Level 24)
  • Silver Earrings (Level 26)
  • Silver Needle (Level 26)
  • Silver Ring (Level 26)
  • Silver Ring of Crafting (Level 26)
  • Silver Spoon Lure (Level 32)
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