FFXIV Oak Logs & Lumber Guide (Locations + Uses)

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Oak logs can be harvested by botanists from Lv35 Mature Trees in the South Shroud (X:17.1, Y:30.1). Botanists can detect these nodes at level 31, but it’s recommended to be at least level 35 to have an easier time gathering from them.

The fastest way to get to these nodes is to take the aetheryte to Camp Tranquil. They are found right outside the camp to the southwest on the way over to the entrance of the Lost City of Amdapor.

Other ways to obtain oak logs are through levequests and retainer ventures, but gathering them as a botanist would still be the fastest way to stock up on them.

Below is a table with all of your options:

Source Type Location Description
Lv35 Mature Tree Logging Point South Shroud (X:17.1, Y:30.1) Obtained through botany
Gontrant Levemete NPC New Gridania (X:11.8, Y:13.4) Potential Reward
Cimeaurant Levemete NPC Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26.1, Y:28.3) Potential Reward
Nahctahr Levemete NPC Eastern La Noscea (X:30.5, Y:30.9) Potential Reward
Botany Exploration Venture Level 32 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete

Oak Logs as Levequest Rewards

Nahctahr NPC / Final Fantasy XIV
Nahctahr NPC

Levequests are a good source of experience points when you are trying to level a class up, but they also reward you with items randomly chosen from a set list. There are quite a few level 30 and 35 levequests that have the potential to reward you with oak logs.

There are 3 NPCs that can give you these levequests:

  • Gontrant in New Gridania (X:11.8, Y:13.4)
  • Cimeraunt in the Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26.1, Y:28.3)
  • Nahctahr in Eastern La Noscea (X:30.5, Y:30.9).

Take note that all the levequests that can reward you with oak logs are tradecraft leves for carpenters.

And here’s a list of levequests these NPC’s can offer you that may be rewarded with oak logs:

  • Gontrant
    • A Tree Grew in Gridania (Level 35)
    • An Expected Tourney (Level 30)
    • Ceremonial Spears (Level 30)
    • Flintstone Fight (Level 35)
    • Knock on Wood (Level 30)
    • Stay on Target (Level 35)
  • Cimeaurant
    • Bend It Like Durendaire (Level 35)
    • Grippy When Wet (Level 35)
    • The Cold, Cold Ground (Level 35)
  • Nahctahr
    • Live Freelance or Die (Level 30)
    • The Lone Bowman (Level 30)
    • The Long Lance of the Law (Level 30)

Oak Logs via Retainer Ventures

Botany Exploration Ventures / Final Fantasy XIV
Botany Exploration Ventures

One of the tasks you can assign to your retainers is to go out on ventures to help you stock up on certain items.

To have your retainers harvest oak logs for you, you’ll need to:

  • Set their class to botanist
  • And have a level of at least 32

Once you meet these requirements, the option for oak logs will become available under the Botany Exploration Venture section of the retainer menu.

Botany exploration ventures take an hour to complete, but this can be reduced down to 40 minutes by increasing your retainer’s level. A retainer can bring back between 15 and 50 logs per run depending on their perception stat.

Having a perception of 216 or greater will guarantee a yield of 50 oak logs.


What Are Oak Logs Used For?

Wooden Showcase close-up / Final Fantasy XIV
Wooden Showcase close-up

Oak logs are used in a handful of crafting recipes for carpenters and alchemists.

Here’s a list of items you can craft with oak logs:

  • Black-and-white Interior Wall (Level 45 Carpenter)
  • Black Firesand (Level 32 Alchemist)
  • Book of Silver (Level 34 Alchemist)
  • Oak Lumber (Level 32 Carpenter)
  • Vintage Picatrix (Level 35 Alchemist)

Of these items, crafting oak lumber would be the most popular use of oak logs – since that is used in several recipes for items like tools, house furnishings and weapons.

To make one piece of oak lumber, you’ll need 3 oak logs and 3 wind shards.

Some examples of items crafted with oak lumber include the Retainer Counter, the Vodoriga Sculpture, and the Wooden Showcase (pictured above).

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